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  • bashers_are_liars bashers_are_liars Jun 15, 2013 12:05 PM Flag

    I Get A Kick Out Of Daytraders

    And their phoney baloney stories. Their ego dominates them, they think they're the only people in the stock market, every nickel they (supposedly) make they have to jump on a message board and boast and brag. What kind of mindset does this? Hey everybody look at me ! I need attention, so look over here at me, I just made a percent today, do you even possibly know anybody else that made a percent today? And in person I know their types.......loudmouths, just need to be center of attraction.

    And they all have their phoney claim....oh I'm just flipping my trading shares, I keep my long term shares for the future.

    Crapola.......they claim to have their "long term shares" , untouched.........because they don't want to look like total fools when the stock runs away from them after they took their 5 cent profit, oh I'm okay, I still have my shares that I don't trade intact.

    Then they wonder, gee why is everybody so upset and disagreeing with my style.........what they TOTALLY don't get is...........who the hell cares!

    Get on your cell phone and call somebody that gives a #$%$ what you're doing, because MOST here couldn't care less.

    You're always looking for someone to stroke you, atta boy sonny you're doing real good........but can you just stuff your ego up where the sun don't shine.......and keep it to yourself?

    I already know the answer to that you can't.....not possible.

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    • SC......"basher, you have to come out of your shell and tell us what you really think"

      Lord knows I try.......but the Yahoo churchlady has her finger on the bleep button, one of my one finger typing posts (that took me ten minutes) only managed to actually show seven of my words.

      So I had to really tone it down to break through the barrier into this board.

      It's not the real me, but I have to try and get along.

      Ya know, like Rodney King .

      But.......I like your sense of humor.

    • One important thing I much higher presently do you think the stock would be if we didn't have these revolving-door clowns in and out the stock every five or ten minutes?

    • SC...Whether they are believable or not really isn't my point, although the vast majority of them do not even come close to believable. My main point is.......who the hell cares?

      I mean MILLIONS of shares trade daily, and you always have a few of these dunderheads feel it necessary to post what they did for the day, and criticizing those that don't follow in their footsteps.

      I can tell you for a fact........they lose way more often than they win.

      But not according to them, we can sit here quietly and take their crapola.......or we can knock them back a few notches.....where they belong.

      And one more thing........they are not "investors".

      And the one you believe is telling the truth...........I don't care, he needs to grow up and understand nobody cares, except the other's of his ilk.

      This board should be to share valuable tid-bits about the company if we have any........NOT buried under garbage like......hey everybody, I made a percentage today, ain't I just the greatest ?

      If they keep patting themselves on their heads long enough, they're gonna get a flat spot up there, well one consolation to least they'll have a spot to set their beer.

    • Well said. Everyone knows, even the bragging "traders" that long term holders make more over the long run than day traders. If they were making that much money and so successful consistently I doubt they would be spending time on a yahoo message board telling us peons about it.

      Just like someone who claims to win every time or more times than not if they go to the casinos on a consistent basis. I ask them if that's the case why are you still working?

      Since the new Jefferies target is $27 how about we raise the $20 party to the $25 party? Where should we have our little get together?

      Thanks to whomever on the NXPI mentioned this stock a month about 4-6 weeks ago!

    • You have pretty much "called them out" on this.I agree with you and feel very content to being a long-term holder of this great company !!!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • scbest Jun 15, 2013 5:13 PM Flag

        There are Value investors, Momentum investors, Traders and Shorts. I believe it's easier to be a value investor ( and I think this is one ridiculously low priced stock ) rather than guessing the daily highs and lows. I know a couple traders, that to me are miraculous, that make a good buck,regularly. I, however broke even and was constantly frustrated. When I switched to value trading I've done pretty well. I only get irritated when someone says we should have sold, after the price has dropped, and how well they did buying at the exact low. There have been several traders I believe what they say, Chem is one, because he said when he sold, and the following day gave up over a $2000 profit. Investing is a personal choice, I to believe there are a bunch of BSers, but not all. Don't get riled up, trust those worth trusting and ignore the others. They aren't the bad guys, they just look at investing differently. Although they do have a tendency to cap our daily profits. Just saying.

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