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  • closer_76 closer_76 Sep 5, 2013 12:43 PM Flag

    Apple Product Update - w/ new statement from OTR Global

    The statement from OTR Global saying InvenSense experiencing production issues with new iPhone 5 MEMS sensor could be the piece that ties everything together. We saw the concerns a month ago with INVN possibly being hung up on price with negotiations. I had similar feelings to some of those on this board which were that we had lost the Iphone's contracts. It didn't seem possible to still be hung up on price less then a month ago for a device that was already in production. Oppenheimer obviously also shared the same thought and therefore said we were likely out of Iphones and in the Ipad.

    It would make sense that INVN was unable to add Apple in guidance if the deal was not complete. It's starting to seem like INVN has had the design win, but the negotations on pricing went on till the very end and perhaps were just completed weeks ago. OTR global was the one that confirmed Apple Iphone win back in late June, and now they are saying that INVN is having production issues.

    My thought now is that the negotations were hung up on price for so long, that INVN now is in a huge time crunch to crank out the units.

    This is fantastic news and when you take all the facts and statements that we have heard and analyzed over the last 6 months, this is the piece that ties everything together.


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