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  • stock.rulez stock.rulez Nov 24, 2013 11:46 PM Flag

    AAPL buying motion sensor company

    Not sure how market will react tomorrow. In my opinion it's a good news for INVN. it shows sector is hot n big players like qcom, brcm, samsung or even goog may thinking abt buying their own motion sensor company.

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    • The motion tracking company Apple bought is not the same thing as INVN motion tracking. Theirs is more like Xbox sensor that determines where things are and how those things move. Like waving your hand in the air to get the Xbox's attention or when dancing etc.. I'd look for that in a TV offering or new device not their next Iphone/Pad.. The one apple bought is not a head to head comparison with INVN.. Apple could use both companies!

    • dseigel Nov 25, 2013 1:07 PM Flag

      How do you see this as good news--that some larger entity will be more inclined to buy INVN?

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      • AAPL is a leader in tech industry. them buying motion sensor shows a long term growth potential in this field. if it was for a product or two for limited time, they could've continue to use third party parts. Samsung n Google have been following AAPL in tech space. Don't you think that they will also need a highly integrated motion tracking portfolio for future products?? There is huge market for these products outside of tech devices so it makes sense for qcom n brcm who already selling parts to tech industry to make their portfolio more attractive by adding motion sensor and it may open up new markets for other chips. Buying motion sensor company doesn't mean that AAPL won't use INVN in short to mid term. May the best product win. if you recall last year samsung bought wifi company but still using brcm n qcom wifi.

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      • "The MPU-9150 is a motion tracking MEMS that combines a 3D accelerometer, a 3D gyroscope from Invensense and a 3D digital compass from AKM in the same package, a 4x4x1mm LGA package.

        The MPU-9150 is targeted for mobile phones, tablets, gaming devices, Portable Navigation Devices and remote controllers."

      • One could also take this as to mean the motion sensor market is going to be very important going forward. The INvensense system on chip architecture and purchase of ADI's MEMS microphone business position it for growth going forward.

      • Well they would be bought at a premium for sure but I think I would rather have long term growth as a stand alone company jmo...

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