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  • jimmypiersal jimmypiersal Feb 28, 2014 8:49 AM Flag

    INVN is in a number of new devices introduced at MWC "in a very substantial way"

    I put a post up last night and it looks like Yahoo took it down, but this is essentially it:

    Yesterday I had a conversation with a senior person at INVN and they shared freely in our conversation that:
    -INVN is in the new Samsung Galaxy S5 "in a very substantial way." with 6 axis motion sensors
    "INVN is in new devices introduced at MWC by Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo and other Chinese mfgrs "in a very substantial way."
    -INVN is in LG G Pro 2 with OIS

    -The new 7 axis motion sensor is very significant for INVN. It is the first sensor to include gyro, accelerator and pressure sensor. It it aimed at navigation, health and fitness.

    -I took shorthand notes as we talked and it was pretty apparent that this information is ok to talk about, INVN just doesn't publish which mfgrs they're in since some versions of a product in some countries may have a different vendor.

    -I was not aware that Huawei was a customer of INVN. It did not appear on the list of their major customers in the November IR presentation. If so they could be the new OEM the CEO has talked about. Huawei is the third largest smart phone maker in the world. In the below link, which is a Motion Sensors Developers conference INVN ran last July look at the names of the attendees in the lower left area, including Huawei.

    -INVN did very well at the MWC with significant new opportunities

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    • thx for posting. I hope your telling the truth :)

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      • Wall.street, what I wrote is what I was told. I'm very comfortable sharing it with you guys. I'd prefer to see the company come right out and say what they are in. In the conversation the INVN person told me that some customers don't even want it known who is inside their products, so they do not put out notices. But the way it was shared with me suggests they are comfortable talking about it once products are announced.

        The other quote yesterday also came out of that conversation: "If it moves, we want INVN in it," was attributed to CEO Behrooz Abdi. I like the way the guy thinks.

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    • Yes,Jimmy you did a great job here and with today's drop buying next week is a priority for me !!!

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    • dseigel Feb 28, 2014 12:16 PM Flag

      Jimmy, thanks so much for your efforts and this piece of good news. Do you know the name of the gentleman you spoke to and what exactly his position is at the company? You mentioned he was a "senior person" at the company. Do you know his exact title at the company? Thanks again.

    • I was under the impression that Invensense doesn't announce product wins, rather they wait until the tear downs. I'm pretty sure I heard that in one of the conference calls. Anyways, were down and STM is up, so perhaps there are skeptics out there ?

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      • There it is, we have to wait until public tear downs.

        As per the Q1 2014 conference call transcript…..when Alan F. Krock was asked of a potential major new customer, he responded with……...So as far as specifics, I think we'll just have to see how the quarter progresses with products that are announced by customers and what public teardowns occur at those new platforms. And I think over the course of the quarter, there's certainly the opportunity for people to be pleasantly surprised, but we need to actually see that evidence in the marketplace forward in any position whatsoever to comment on any of this. So hopefully, that's helpful.

    • just_me_over_here_again just_me_over_here_again Feb 28, 2014 10:32 AM Flag

      Your post from last night is still there, just about 3 or 4 messages down.

    • Thanks Jimmy.

      Jimmy could you tell us a little bit more about how you ended up having a conversation with a senior person at INVN?

      By the way, let me try to clear up the issue of insider trading. First, legal insider trading exists, which is why an Insider Buy is such a bullish sign. Second, there must be a breach of fiduciary duty for illegal insider trading to occur. Third, there is such a thing as "tippee" liability for illegal insider trading. This occurs when the "tipper" breaches a fiduciary duty by disclosing material non-public information and the tippee has reason to know of the breach and that the tipper will benefit from the breach and then the tippee trades or tips on that info. I'm obviously not going to give legal advice but Jimmy's post suggests he does not believe a breach occurred which should seemingly absolve him of tippee liability. It is probably a legal question whether a Yahoo message board makes it public information. I assume even if not public info, we don't have any reason to know from what Jimmy has said that any breach of fiduciary duty occurred or that the tipper will benefit from the release of info.

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      • RZ, Thanks for explaining that. And as I talked with this individual it was just a plain as day conversation. There was no hemming and hawing. I had called about something else and our conversation just moved into the new products being announced at MWC and the significance of INVN's presence in them, with a few specific companies noted. There were no volumes identified and that really won't be known till later. My only surprise was Huawei and the overall openness of the conversation. It seems like, that although INVN does not publish when they are inside a company's product, that once the product is announced it is ok to talk about it. Anyway, just wanted to share the good news with the board. I bought some more shares this morning after I posted.

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    • The huge market opportunities ahead are why I don't want to see INVN bought out. At least not yet.

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