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  • rzkeller rzkeller May 5, 2014 12:47 AM Flag

    Android Wear and the Moto 360 Smartwatch are Very Impressive

    Check out the video for wearables on the Android Wear website. It provides the vision of why everyone will want a smartwatch and it's all built into Android Wear. Very, very cool. (Remember we are supposed to be very well integrated with Android.)

    Also, when we talked about Android Wear when it came out on 3/18, I don't recall any mention on the board of the Moto 360 Smartphone using Android Wear demonstrated around 3/19. Note: INVN's all time high was 3/21 right after these announcements. We were not in Moto X and we downplayed smartwatches on the call but doesn't mean we definitely aren't in the Moto 360. Not sure how the sale from Google plays in. By the way, the Moto 360 is expected to be released around August. A few of the cool things: round, high quality changeable bands, nice looking watch interface when not using for functional smart purposes, proprietary battery charging. Worth watching a video on that too. Try "Moto 360: It's Time" and "Moto 360 The Verge".

    I think you will find these videos make the future look bright.

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    • I was having lunch yesterday with a younger family member. I noticed her smart watch. She is the same tech savvy family member who told me all about NFLX back in 2004 when it was under $50. She has the watch doing a whole bunch of things around health and fitness; steps, calories, heart rate and is going to be putting more apps up on it. She was also the person who just came back from Disney and updated me on the magic band - which appears to be an identify enabler and charge card/pass through for all things Disney - meals, room opener, front of the line, etc. The bands are here already - it's just a matter of loading them up with apps. That's the beauty of INVN w/Android. The 6550's and others are enabled with algorithms and software to drop in and go.

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    • The LG "android wear" watch is going to be released in June. It doesn't get much coverage as the better looking Moto 360, but it's still an impressive watch. Hopefully, it'll have invensense inside.

    • Read the article today on Apple. One source says apple for instance is working on having its Iwatch monitor blood glucose levels without having to draw blood (implantable chip?). As someone who has diabetics in his family, that would be huge in itself. One thing that really struck me was Apples CEO being quoted last year as saying sensor technology was "ready to explode".

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