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  • Pickle_007 Pickle_007 Feb 9, 1999 9:16 PM Flag

    Alliance_7, thank you for your kind infe

    it's clearly posted a few posts ago that "pickle
    never posts what can't be taken off the INVN profile."
    Those exact words weren't used, but that's what was
    inferred as if I'm 2bit. Well guess what, I've been around
    for years and I know not to quote any news or data
    that's not "in the public domain" unless you enjoy
    wearing pin stripes on a daily basis and I don't. If some
    folks care not to read my posts, my feelings won't be
    hurt if they ignore me. For the future, as in the
    past, I'll quote from data I see that is really
    available to anyone, however, when I do post, I may "add"
    my own perspective of that data. I don't think I've
    done too badly.

    I believe I'm thourough,
    articulate, know what stats are meaningful, which aren't, and
    can comb documents uncovering what needs to be
    uncovered, etc.

    I too am awaiting news later this

    Have a nice evening and a beautiful day

    I will be a buyer in here, and am just waiting to
    pick my spot.

    Pickle 007

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