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  • marsmountain1 marsmountain1 Jan 8, 2007 3:47 AM Flag

    Brent Hanson

    Google has this to say about it.
    Brent Hanson
    1687 Whitehall Court
    Wheeling, IL 60090

    Dear Mr. Hanson,

    While conducting standard case file research we noticed that on 2/21/03 you were awarded a judgment of $2850.00 in Rolling Meadows Municipal Court against Glenn Hagele. As a judgment holder, you have the right to assign your judgment to a third party to enforce your judgment. If you have not been able to collect this or other judgments, we are interested in collecting them.

    We specialize in locating hidden assets and seizing them to satisfy judgments. Our company's fee is based solely on a percentage of what is actually collected.

    There is a time limitation on collecting a judgment. If you do not properly act on your claim, it may expire. Please don't let the hard work you have already put into winning this judgment go to waste.

    The out of pocket cost to you is nothing. We will bear all expenses involved in the search for assets and enforcement of the judgment. You will received a substantial percentage of the total amount of assets found and seized within thirty days of collection.

    If you are interested in the enforcement of this judgment, with no cost to you in advance, please contact me at (847) 981-1330 immediately to arrange for assignment and terms. Since your judgment has been nothing more than an IOU for so long, you have nothing to lose by allowing us to collect for you. Don't delay - turn that worthless piece of paper into cash!

    Charles McKinnon
    Judgment Recovery Specialist

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