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  • lylbirdie lylbirdie Aug 24, 2007 7:17 PM Flag


    Wow...can't believe I'm the first to post on this board.
    I've owned this fund for over three years and plan to use it in the next 7 to 10 years as a supplement to my retirement.
    I retired 10 years ago at the age of 52 and yes I had 30 years with my company.
    Just started receiving Social Security(early) as I still have two children with less than two years remaining in college.
    Vanguard has truly been a winner for me.

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    • It's hard to say whether the Asset Allocation Fund portion will help or hurt the performance of VASGX. This depends on the results of the fund manager's decisions. In my opinion, you're making a good investment in VASGX, especially considering your time horizon. Vanguard isn't going to take large overly-risky (besides stocks being inherently risky) investments within the fund. They will move a portion of the holdings into or out of stock funds depending on the outlook of the world economies.

      This fund is a good core holding. Dollar cost average and over time you won't be dissapointed.

    • This fund seemed to make sense for me. I'm 36 and want to build a portfolio to get me from 55 (retirement target) to when I can draw from my 401k, pension, and Soc. Security.

      There's not much out there in terms of literature, articles, and posts about this fund, but it seems like a good single fund to invest in. I was going to create my own growth portfolio using index funds, but this makes it easy. It's already created and charges low fees. I've set up a mothly automatic investment and I can relax.

    • You're in vasgx and retired? I sure hope you're using it as a long-term vehicle to help grow out a 2nd income source for when you're 80+, it's a bit volatile to be in when it's less than 20 years from tapping it. A bad recession could really kill it's worth and you will wish you had been in a more stable spot. But if you can afford to hold it and wait until it rebounds, all power to you.

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