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  • denclyde denclyde Feb 11, 2008 3:52 PM Flag

    A $10 POS now--sink to pennys-worthless

    The crooks can't get it up, no more suckers left !!

    It just couldn't happen to more deserving scum !!

    When it gets to $.004 maybe I'll trade my dcnac in for the "new " DAN !!

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    • Outrage is missing over Dana stock

      Where is the outrage? When will we demand from our government some representation for the men and women who get up every day, go to work, pay the lion's share of the tax burden, and try to maintain a middle-class standard of living that is rapidly becoming more difficult to obtain? Where is the morality in allowing a company to walk away from the thousands of shareholders who purchased stock?

      My father worked for Dana Corp. for 30 years. He purchased stock in a company that provided income opportunities, not only for himself, but for his father's and brother's families.

      I find it rather distasteful that the mayor of my hometown would congratulate a CEO who took over a 100-year-old successful company and turned it into what it is today. Are the 2005 "internal accounting errors" the new politically correct words for cooking the books?

      Why hasn't Rep. Marcy Kaptur called for congressional hearings into these matters? Doesn't any political leader either locally, statewide, or nationally seem to care that these companies cut retirees' health care, totally disregard a collectively bargained agreement, and move almost all of the jobs out of the country?

      Maybe someday we will get back to the interests of the people who drive this country, the middle class.

      Terry Rowland

      Provincetowne Drive

      "toledo blade"

      bribes and payoffs to politicians, lawyers, and judges from stolen shareholder's money IMHO

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