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  • dana_loyalist dana_loyalist Mar 27, 2008 4:43 PM Flag


    I used to work for Dana. I still think it's a good firm. I heartily laud the company for keeping pensions in place. Any thoughts as to what the near future, say next 3 years, holds in store? It also appears that there are a number of new folks in management. Who of the old crowd (at the World Operating Committee level) remain?

    Best Wishes

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    • No-- you can laud the UAW for keeping pensions in place !

      The dana thieves would have stolen the pension funds also if they thought they could get away with them !

      I guess your right--there are good thieves & bad thieves----Dana has both--we'll just call them comon thieves !!

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      • I don't want this to turn into a union vs. management or non union board so please don't reply to this with that kind of message. My wife has worked for Dana for 30 years and has never been in the union. Her pension remains intact and the UAW had nothing to do with that. Furthermore, the new management gave a stock bonus to all the employees at her location that stayed with the company through the bankruptcy, that was a generous gesture that we appreciated and that they were under no obligation to provide. As much as I think that Burns was a greedy self serving SOB that didn't care what happened to the company as long as he made millions in bonuses, I don't think anyone really wanted to see anyone suffer the losses that the bankruptcy caused. The industry changed and everyone that was playing the pay as you go scheme for funding retirement plans, health care plans etc. got burned. Be concerned about your social security if you don't like how the Dana Bankruptcy played out because that is the biggest Ponzi Scheme in the history of the world. I believe that Woody Moorecott started the ball rolling towards disaster but I never see his name associated with it. The company now has a new management team and BOD, I intend to give them the benefit of the doubt but will keep a close eye on them and ask that you all do the same. Wishing ill towards them isn't going to help any of us get our losses back, it's time to start looking forward but remember the lessons learned.

      • These jerk offs wanted to cancel my health insurance! To me that is life threating,I have cancer.. I used to go hunting where that Corperate headquaters is... I can still hunt and if they had canceled my health coverage I'd go hunting again.

        I'll be looking around for an AK at the gun show in a couple weeks..

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