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  • jog49 jog49 Jan 23, 2010 10:40 AM Flag

    8 DAYS

    In the last 8 trading days, we shareholders have lost $2.20 in share value.
    With what's "in place" in Washington, will the drops ever end or will we just bleed to death?

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    • I bought DAN when it was 1.55, I think I can take a two dollar hit without bleeding.
      If your buying Dana at 10.00 + you missed the boat, won't see much upside for a while.

      "With what's "in place?"
      What do you think is in place, banking reform or a black man?

      The most proactive and destructive decision in the history of the US Supreme Court was just announced by overturning a 63-year-old law and you're worried about what's "in place" in Washington ...

    • Hey - DOWTO15000

      Seems like you have a personal grudge against DANA. Are you a former shareholder prior 2008? Whats your motivation to continue to post negative comments on this company? It has outperformed almost every stock in its sector in the past 12 months but you continue to bash it. The company functions globally and is shedding its weak divisions and focusing on its stronger divisions, its paying off debt, under new management, insiders are buying steadily. What else you want?

      Why don't you come clean and inform everyone of your agenda on this board? What happened to cause your negative attitude towards this company so we know where you stand?

      Looking forward to your response.

    • Lets not overlook how this doubled from $6 to $12 in just over a months time.

      A correction was due and its healthy.

      The entire market has dropped heavily in the past days.

      It's not just DAN.

      DAN will see $20 eventually.

      The only thing that can stop this thing is if people stop driving cars. I'm betting people will continue to drive cars.

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