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  • foolishgenius22 foolishgenius22 May 7, 2010 11:40 AM Flag

    Dear DAN..thanks for one hell of a ride. Sincerely, One Satisfied Investor.

    I have been a DAN investor since March 09', I consider myself an investor with average knowledge of market dynamics. I stumbled across DAN and scoured through filings and liked what I saw. I bought 18,000 shares at avg .65 and have held all of the shares through the roller coaster ride of 2009 into 2010 holding firmly but at the same time enduring all the psychological torture convincing myself to hold and hold and hold through all the market corrections. I, myself, have posted to buy on pullbacks as I have daytraded DAN for a year adding to my profits handsomely.

    Taking into consideration this global crisis, yesterday I reached my pain threshhold and sold out my entire position at $12.00 for an estimated $210,000 profit. It's unfortunate because my decision was mostly based on this global debt crisis and my personal pain thresh hold. In no way reflected the fundamentals or my opinion of DAN and the great job management has done. I'm not happy that I had to but satisified that I can now sleep at night. I do hope DAN continues to $20 for those who can endure these +25% pullbacks.

    For me, I took a $20,000 account in 08', almost blew it up with margin call warnings, went all in on DAN and the rest is great history.

    I would like to thank everyone on this message board for the support and insights and knowledge that was shared especially from timothy, tefaulk, ppismo92, and others thanks for your support. I will be checking in frequently and as soon as things settle maybe get back into DAN. For now I will sit on cash and enjoy the show.

    ....AND GO DAN!!!

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