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  • leftyspade leftyspade May 6, 1999 10:15 AM Flag

    buckle up...

    as those who have noticed will surmise, very few
    from the gallery indicates that the 'losers' have sold
    the long term investors are being rewarded. this, for
    has been a long journey but all indications are that

    management has finally succeeded in turning this company

    around. i will stick to my humble prediction of
    and beyond in 99.... God bless America!

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    • yeah, medtox at 30 would be great!
      it will
      take some time. tox is postitioning
      itself to
      achieve that goal. word is,
      the expansion of its
      sale's force is
      ahead of schedule. i must also
      without spamming, that tox is not the stock
      that will
      make me rich soon. i have been
      watching the health
      care group and gold
      markets and that is where i
      expect to
      cash in royally. tox is the 'blue
      of my investments. as i make bucks
      in the
      'faster' markets, i convert the
      funds to purchasing
      more tox stock.
      i am close to making a sizable
      this week in that market. obviously,
      the risk is
      very high but i am confident
      that i will turn a
      substantial profit.
      as i mentioned earlier, i am not
      to tout those individual spec's.


    • drugrunner, when tox hits 30, we'll all
      together at the desert oasis inn located
      in the
      caribbean. till then, relax and
      take a hot bath. tox is
      fine. i have
      a very good hunch that what we are
      waiting for is about to occur. by the
      way, you are
      quite right regarding my
      prediction for september
      (tox hitting 12).
      i have admitted that before, and
      am quite
      pleased that i can be buying stock
      7 3/4 now. have a great weekend and
      enjoy the


    • <EOM>

    • i ain't got no dime but i got some time to here your story

    • drugrunner99, sorry for the name mistake dick
      brown(x-vicking).should have been dick braun. just upset at more shares,
      i would like to see ground zero of my investment
      before they anti-up more shares .

    • Just to make sure people are clear on this, the
      proxy does not add to the number of shares OUTSTANDING.
      It adds to the number of shares AUTHORIZED.

      I'd be interested in knowing how many of the 800,000
      shares authorized but not outstanding as of last
      december did the company sell since. I know none was sold
      as of March 31 so at least the company did exactly
      what they said they were (or rather weren't) going to
      do as of that date. On the other hand, if the
      company sold the 800,000, it probably isn't a bad thing
      either if they sold it within the last two weeks. That
      would have raised around 7.0M dollars, resources that a
      growing company desperately needs.

    • the obvious; some have bought on
      anticipation and now have sold. the question
      is, what will
      you do for me now? as shareholders,
      we are all
      entitled to express our opinions, i for
      one am pleased
      but not ecstatic, regarding
      the quarterly results.
      i do believe, like many
      of you, that there is
      some potential here or
      i would not continue to be
      positive and hold
      the stock. keep up the posts, i can
      assure you that they are read, reviewed and
      seriously. management is well tuned into
      the internet and


    • That's why I sold half of my postion today. I
      somehow was
      able to sell at the high $ 10

      Everyone was raving about HDIE when it hit $ 10 , then it
      down from there. I hope this doesn't happen to tox,
      I wanted to take some off the table.

    • well done! earnings probable built in
      price. now the difficult job begins.
      growth and revenue. still
      on target with price
      potential short term
      12. hang in there


    • how's pearlie baker?

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