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  • tvasilo1 tvasilo1 May 10, 2005 10:30 PM Flag

    somebody knew

    big sell off in last few hrs only to report horrible earnings at 9:30 pm... I almost bought some this week. Maybe if it gets into the 12's I'll look at it,

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    • Mr Boyle, your firm's financial reporting is apalling and it may be illegal, in my opinion. The earnings release that you provide to the public contains no disclosures on important items like the dollar amount of the software charge, the losses on parking contracts, and the doubtful accounts charge. Yet, you provide this informatio nto specific individuals so that they can provide it to their clients. I think this is very unfair, at a minimum, and could be in violation of securities laws, in my opinion, but I am not an attorney and may be entirely wrong.

      Also, as a shareholder, I would like to express my view that this company needs some fresh blood in top management. Given your lack of success with Johnson, may I suggest that you sell this company in two pieces to maximize shareholder value? The intrinsic value of your two businesses far exceeds the public value at which CUB currently trades. Why not do yourself, as a shareholder, and other shareholders a favor by getting the value of this company maximized and then live happily ever after in your retirement?

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      • whoslookinoutfortheholders whoslookinoutfortheholders May 11, 2005 11:37 AM Flag

        Fine post and very informative. I did some DD on your reporting points and find them to have basis and validity.

        They CAPITALIZE on those parking contract losses it is plain to see.

        Do you have proof they have been playing footsie with money managers? Those sorts of parties supposely went out of style a few years back.

        When the rush for the exits happens Walt will feel more pressure to split and sell out.

        Very little volume for days after ER day. Odd.

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