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  • Giavanilin Giavanilin Jun 1, 1999 12:10 PM Flag

    The tech sector

    This is going to be an exciting week in tech land
    folks. The market desperately
    wants to buy them up,
    but interest rate fears are beating them back. Money
    made a decided move out of the big names we
    have all loved like INTC, MSFT, CSCO,
    and DELL
    into secondary players. Is the big cap thing done? No,
    but its on hold
    as fundies are looking for more
    value in these unsettled times. We think tech

    overall will be in good shape this week and if the
    employment report doesn't
    hurt us we should be okay.
    Since money has shifted into some lesser known names,

    we like SONE to keep moving. We have followed them
    for some time and they appear
    ready to make a
    move. CTXS is a techie that has made us money in the
    past and
    seems ready to do it again. GMST gets a
    lot of attention over their programming

    technology and look good for more. NEON looks attractive,
    NTLI looks okay. VIGN
    appears to have bottomed out
    and is turning up, and this one can move well. MUSE

    made us money before and is going to again, MTIC is a
    tiny cap looking to explode.
    BRKT (another
    software company) is looking attractive here, ADTN is
    analyst attention, and CMVT who split for us
    a while back is poised to make a
    very nice
    move. LGTO keeps popping up as a likely mover, and
    watch little LNET.
    We featured them a while ago as
    a company with a big goal. They want to
    hotel rooms with plug and play internet for business
    travelers and there
    are a lot of hotel rooms out there
    folks. Friday they made a nice move and more
    come. I always keep an eye on BRCM and BCST as they can
    really jump when
    the market lets

    Memorable Plays:
    We suggested NSOL, CNET, and CMGI on
    3/8/99 (+40), (+40), and (+47 1/2) respectively. Not to
    mention EPAY on 3/15/99(+21 57/64).

    For more
    info and some possible plays for the rest of the week Free two-week trial newsletter and full access to
    the site.

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    • I am shocked and disappointed to learn of the demise of this establishment, which served many a skiver well on a great many afternoons.

      Thank you for the update.

    • I must correct The_Mad_Pom:

      The last time
      I visited The Hungry Horse I ordered Jack Daniels.
      I was served something --- I'm not sure what, but I
      believe the horse to have long since passed. (The measure
      was not too generous either, I might add).

      Approximately two weeks later the building was knocked down
      (possibly indicating that, contrary to local opinion, the
      council DO care about that end of the Borough).

      can only conclude that age and forgetfulness have
      sweetened The_Mad_Pom's memory.

      Sorry not to have
      any interesting on-topic CUB bits to add, but
      things've been fairly dull on the ranch, besides the usual
      backbiting, infighting, catcalls and caterwauling. But let us
      not depress ourselves -- thus, my choice of subject
      header, we all need something nice to think about from
      time to time.

      Oh, The_Mad_Pom, the arch-fiend
      Jeff Kennet has resigned and I was going to, have you
      thought about that?

      - Istan

    • Can you believe the wanker americans pompous treatment of wine on the vine.

    • I would not refer to armangac or port as "juice".
      Nor would I refer to an Englishman as a "euro

      Unless of course, I was an American.

      If you are
      looking for pubs in London with "the real scoop", I can
      tell you no more than that the Hungry Horse on the
      Uxbridge Road serves a generous measure.

      I'm sorry to say that I have never had the pleasure
      of a visit to the Standing Order, however since you
      recommend it so highly, I will make a point of popping in
      for a pint should I find myself passing through

      I sincerely hope that you took the opportunity to
      get some shares below 21. I have nothing but sunshine
      to report... and as we all know, a day without wine
      is like a day without sunshine.

    • Sorry to disappoint you but Mr A's is a chic
      restaurant overlooking the San Diego Bay, home of our
      favorite stock CUB. Come and visit your company and have a
      drink and enjoy the view.

      Can't help you with
      pubs in London. I like the Standingorder in Derby.....

    • Ok euro dudes...don't know about mr. "a's" but it seems you dudes like your juice. Tell me what is better Port or that Franco crud armnanagc? Hey what pub in UK should I go to for the real scoop?

    • Mad pom, I have not visited Mr A's in quite
      sometime. My guess is that they carry a good armagnac.
      You'll need some of those CUB profits to pay for

      I don't like this selling into the earnings. Could
      there be something that we are not aware? More loses
      from the CVideo than planned??????

      Maybe with
      this weak market, I'll be able to pick up a few shares
      at some bargain prices?

    • Muchas Gracias Ahem.

      Seems I was a little
      off the mark with my of estimation the timing of the
      Dow's retreat below 10,000. We may not have seen the
      worst of the broad market pullback yet. This is what is
      washing the price down towards 20 - In my view, the
      current price offers an excellent entry point (I would
      caution you against maing crude jokes at this juncture) -
      would you like me to sub you for a small investment?
      Might be some easy beer money to be made

      Trusting you and yours are well.

      Rarstock, do you
      know if Mr A's keeps a good armagnac?

    • Congratulations were recently circulated thru the
      UK operations proclaiming the completion of the 2nd
      Prestige installation milestone, significantly ahead of
      schedule. This is English courage (as Kevin Costner
      murmured thru his beard in 'Robin Hood').

      Let us
      eat, drink and be merry (for tomorrow is drug &
      alcohol testing)...

      - Istan.

      Glad to see that you still exist within our dimension,
      though you may be straddling several - a move illegal
      under the Federalist 1999 Rules of Mornington Crescent,
      you know.

    • Railtrack's chief executive, Mr Gerald Corbett,
      was said to be "staggered" that Mr Prescott had
      ordered investigators to examine its record. "We are
      being attacked because another company went through a
      red light of ours which was working perfectly," a
      friend said.

      With the scale of the tragedy still
      unfolding, a revolt was building among backbenchers and
      ministers against the proposed sale of Britain's National
      Air Traffic Control Service and the disposal of parts
      of London Underground to Railtrack.

      Cabinet minister said: "If we get these wrong and there
      is another accident, we will never be trusted on
      safety again. The consequences of an air crash or a Tube
      disaster are too terrible to


      Perhaps the cabinet ministers would care a damn sight
      more about the condition of London's rail
      infrastructure if they were to get their arses out of those
      chauffer driven cars and into seats on the

      Rarstock, it's good to see you are still around. We were
      starting to worry about you.

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