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  • goodsmelledgirl goodsmelledgirl Mar 17, 2006 11:16 PM Flag

    Bush: $87B needed. Math help, please


    ,;I have already spent multi-hundreds billions in Iraq & Afghan.

    $87B to re-build Iraq is my priority. To get more $, should I cut deeper funds of Veterans, soldiers, Medicare, Medicaid, Student aids, Housing, Scientific Research, Elderly aids, weather aids, etc? or selling public land, forest? Help me do the math, because I am not intelligent as Hillary Clinton.

    I have already outsourced U.S. seaports to UAE & outsourced NASA to Russia�s Soyuz. I need multi-B$ more for Iraq and Afghan.

    Additionally, I need multi-B$ for my wealthy buddy tax cut, & tax incentive for SUV buyers.

    (News: UAE is 1 among only 3 nations recognized Taliban government. Bush had secret agreement with Arab company)

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