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  • dadiooftheradio dadiooftheradio Oct 4, 2007 7:46 PM Flag

    well gang

    should we be that surprised? I talked to Tom Scottio in IR the other day and he said he was very impressed on how mgnt has positioned itself for the future, that should have warned me. A nine dollar after 7 years of telco buildout.Pathetic mgnt. Good luck all and have some drinks.

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    • Of course Tom is impressed! Doesn't TLAB pay his salary? Is he supposed to bad mouth his employer? Wake up!!

      IR is about as informative as a Press Secretary. They are spin meisters that try to put a happy face on any outcome.

    • Dad,
      I talked to the SOB as well last week...He said hang in there Frank things are not as bad as some think...That too should have been the kicker to bail...He was right though things are not as bad as some think, their fuckeen WORSE...No good incompetent bastardds all..From the top to the bottom...

      Let's see if the buy back of shares kicks in with all that cash in the bank...What's it good for if not times like this unless the brilliant management team thinks the share price is going lower than high 8's...The funds have gotta be shitttenn in their pants...Good...Maybe they will call for the ouster of Krishit...
      Downgrades will of course follow this news...How Sad for all longs who placed their faith in these low lifes who have long passed their position in the Peter Principle...Hope we get a brief chance to exit this train wreck before the 7's kick in...Prove me wrong ASSHOLESSSS.

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      • The saddest part in all of this is that there is a generation of employees who have missed out on building stock equity in one of the greatest high tech booms of all time, they now either do not have a job or hold zero vested equity. Birk legacy is embarassment.

      • Why in God's name would you want them to waste the $$$ buying back the stock?

        Think, man!!! Give us the freaking money----we can do a much better job of investing it than those idiots!

        The buybacks have little to no effect on the stock price, then they just go out and issue more options to temselves.

      • They won't prove you wrong. Tlabs reminds me all too well of Lucent before Lucent became ALU. The culture at Tlabs, as it was at LU, is one of personal greed rather than duty and Prabhu doesn't have enough experience to fix it near-term. The question in my mind is if Tlabs, unlike LU, will try to fix the problems! A reduction of 30 staff doens't even scratch the surface when you miss revenue by $50 million. That is just window dressing

        Too late now to save the stock price. No investment fund will touch this company's stock until they reverse the fundamental deteriation. Another questions is will Tlabs wait until they are a $2 stock before an Alcatel takes them out.

        Re Lehman, they want you believe that their out-in-front call on the quarter gives them a handle on what the problems are and the future is at Tlabs. Lehman is trying to convince the retail sucker that an upper $8 price is a buy. Don't trust Lehman, don't believe in Tlab's management. The numbers are the only place to find the truth. Only when all the fundamental trends turn positive should you consider an investment in Tlabs.

        I have a strong 'trading' buy because the MM will take this stock back to $10 over the next couple of weeks, but by next quarter it will be under $7.

        Be nimble