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  • californiafavroite71 californiafavroite71 Jan 7, 2010 1:13 AM Flag

    Gonna break through 6 tomorrow

    Since it is going up every day, you might as well wait while it is climbing... Huge volume, something up in the air for sure...
    You don't want to regret selling, if the buyer of this company is just waiting for enough shares to be sold...

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    • LOL....what great timing for me to go dissing TLAB....maybe I stirred up the stock gods with my criticism ;-) You are indeed correct sir, *something* is going on, although no one appears to know what it is.

      The volume over the last two days is double the avg volume, and the pps has shot up 50 cents, nearly 10%, in that time. In fact, according to

      TLAB is the #6 best telecom performer over the last month. However, StockConsultant says that this is the place to sell unless you're in TLAB for the long haul (this was always just a trade for me, not an investment). Resistance at $6.20 is type Triple, strength 10, and looking at the streaming chart we've already bounced off of $6.20 twice today, can't seem to break thru even with the gigantic volume.

      If we had managed to break past resistance, I'd keep it for a while longer, but the stats are saying "sell" to me. I'm in the middle of freeing up some cash to rebalance my IRA, so I'm going to take my meager 7% profit on TLAB and move on.