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    • At this point,seems to me as a long time investor,the best thing that can happen to the shares, is to keep getting downgrades till the shares get to the $4-$5 range,then maybe a suiter will step up to the plate,how can they lose,they can buy these dopes with $hitlabs own cash,How in the hell can they have positive earnings,pay a dividend(a $hitty one)and all that cash and no debt,hold a decent share price,For a Fukin decade,at that!look at all the recent upgrades from the bigger analists,and has done nothing for the shareprice,like i said let
      the bigger analists start to downgrade it and you will see $5 easy,$hittlabs knows something about AT@T and arent saying anything.they have no credability to investors.and after 10 years of screwing the investors you cant blame them,hey more shares are coming to the insiders though,and they will sell them as fast as they get them.

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      • I can appreciate your sense of disappointment but one must remember that the financial institutional goal is to get people to buy and sell stock so they can make money. From the last quarterly report, even though the AT&T overhang still remains, probably this carrier is not going to completely divorce itself from a steady and reliable provider. Also new business that was mentioned at that report, especially the Megaphone deal sounds to be a great boom for them. I would think that a company that was concerned with a falling business trend would not be hiring and growing internally. Just my thoughts on the matter. I think as this stock price reacts to all the potential directions that it might go, when the next quarter ends will provide more direction and surprise as to how well the company is now doing. I don't think Tlabs wants to boast about their business too much to draw more competitive attention but will keep quietly winning business and expanding their core services.

    • man, that AT&T issue continues to be a thorn in their side and even given the " positive spin" they put on it at the CITI conference about working with AT&T to meet their future plans, they just can't get anybody to believe them. What a "punch to the gut" that b*llsh*t rumor was in early June..