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  • Haf48 Haf48 Dec 19, 2010 9:41 AM Flag

    what's up with tellabs

    Have been watching Tlabs for awhile now and I cannot tell what keeps this stock from moving like ADTN and CIEN. From conference calls and announcements it seems like they are riding the wave of buildouts in the industry and sounds like they are competing with the best but still this tremendous overhang of skepticism. As they announce expansion of their business into Australia and Canada would it not seem that their business is growing and that at some point in time that will show up in their revenue and earnings stream. If someone can explain why such a low price now that would be appreciated. Also how does this company with their book value, cash on hand, and low PE have the stock price where it is. The whole industry index is at new highs for the past couple years with extensive growth still to come over the next couple of years and Tlabs continues to languish. Analysts mention the transition that Tlabs is successfully undergoing but this does become reflective in their stock price. Any further analytical review would be appreciated.

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