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  • profitprophetgold profitprophetgold Dec 16, 2010 2:48 PM Flag

    Conviction Buy List for 2011- TLAB

    Just added to my conviction Buy list. Will outperform the U.S. equity market in 2011.

    Fair value = $8.00

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    • IMHO - Any penny stock would have done better than this TLAB. for last decade.

      I would stay away from this stock, I sold my holding after 3 year for loss.

      I don't understand how the fund holder tolerate 0% growth stock for decade.

      After tech boom they fell flat on their belly, after breaking their marriage with CIENA.

      BRICK - Look where CIEN is to'day you still hanging around on low single digit PPS. Probably that is where this co. will be as long as you are the chair person with single digit IQ.

      Recall the story of one eyed men leading the kingdom of blind men. probably all your BOD & CEO have low ball IQ. no wonder they have tolerated you for decade.

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      • I agree with you,for many years i wondered how long would these fund managers,institutions,deal with the stagnate,or loss in shareprice(I guess its easy when you are gambling with someone elses money)really they are the ones in control,we need 3-4 of them to start dumping the shares,with this low volume,and no interest in the shares we would see a $4-$5 price range and a takeover (hopefully).When ever i call investor relations you get the idea they dont care for the shareholders,they are not going to sell the company,and that i should sell my shares.listening to there conference calls,analist days,and speaking with birck,pullen,scottino over the years,they all have the same attitude toward investors,they dont care,if your not happy with the shareprice sell your shares,Thus the stagnate shareprice.

    • Your conviction buy list huhhh,lol lol.....$8 Target sounds like $hitlabs is a perfect investment for you!Good luck with that.One thing i will say is $hitlabs has 340 million plus bagholders,including myself,they (the company) probably laugh about it every day,just more free shares for themselves whenever they can take them.look at the nasdaq its 2640 thats 3-4yr highs.CIEN was just $12.50,losing $3 a share just broke a new high 20.77,look at juniper,ericson,csco all flying today wheres $hitlabs,no movement no volume.(I THOUGHT IT WAS THE COMPANYS OBJECTIVE TO ENSURE SHAREHOLDER VALUE,BUT THE 10YR CHART SAYS IT ALL,TO ME ANYWAY)Earnings,balance sheet,dividend,yada yada,and still no movement.Like i said we need a downgrade to sell here,it will trigger a major selloff,a lower shareprice,then a takeover.Its the only way i see the shares moving.Just my opinion.