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  • rajoilprasad rajoilprasad Sep 14, 2011 8:24 PM Flag

    am i missing something - gross marginn sucks

    The revenue has been dropping since 2006. They have been spending tons of money for several years and developed nothing worth selling. Are you telling me that now they discovered Ipad? sell this sucker - u will thank me

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    • OK..thank P*ss Off!

    • shareholder_in_residence shareholder_in_residence Sep 15, 2011 9:24 AM Flag

      You know what, you can take the time frame you think supports your argument, then bash TLAB all you want. What I am saying is that those historical patterns are just inappropriate for the turnaround that TLAB is today. They are coming out with new product, and selling to new customers. A lot of them in fact. So, TLAB from 2006 to now is no longer apples to apples.

      I think TLAB now has a lot of promise, their approach (from the bottom of the curve admittedly) is starting to pay off with new sales, new markets, and now new flexible product for WiMax or LTE.

      TLAB is a BUY. When we get to 10, I'll probably say its a SELL, but not until then!!