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  • netttrunner netttrunner Nov 20, 2012 2:22 PM Flag

    tlab pre announcing intentions to commence buyback shows continued stupidity

    I would like it to a fidelity press releasing their intention to buy 20% of a particular stock prior to commencing accumulation. what #$%$s. The upshot is any interested private equity/activist investor will be forced to make a move near term. Buy em, take the cash, sell the IP , divest legacy biz & keep new technology products with expanding mkt's margins & mkt share.

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    • Last I checked, TLAB was a publically traded company. I understand what you are trying to say but that is not the way it works. A major decission such as potentially buying $224M of stock back is something that has to be announced otherwise lawsuits can be filed. This is a materially significant decision and had to be made public. They can not even start buying until next week so the announcement tells Mr Market that they now have 4 trading days to determine if they want to buy or sell stock in TLABs. I certainly wouldn't be selling down here and I bet Jannus wishes they had waited before dumping all of their shares. I won't be surprised if the stock is trading above $3 by Friday because all of the bottom feeders who were looking to pick a bottom now know that the bottom was yesterday at $2.70. IMO the company is worth at least twice its cash or over $5 but apparently the market rather chase stocks like apple or google than look into deep value plays.

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    • The break up value approaches $3 billion given Intellectual property value, cash & new product mkt's with growing share & margins...............