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  • sleeping_at_da_wheel sleeping_at_da_wheel Feb 19, 2013 5:54 PM Flag

    TELLABS the next Alcatel-Lucent trading at 1.53 with a low of 91 cents?

    is this a self fulfilling prophecy that Tellabs follows in the footsteps of Alcatel-Lucent?
    We already know that Tellabs is set next quarter for yet another large decline in revenue.
    What next? A reverse stock split?

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    • TLAB's needs to get rid of its entire management team and board of directors
      there is talk of a reverse stock split which in my opinion is the start of the death spiral
      unfortunately the market cap of 783 million is so overvalued, and needs to be more in the 400 million range at most, once the PPS heads under $2, the reverse stock split will be announced.
      How many shares outstanding? way too many shares.
      The company would have been better buying back millions of shares instead of the $1 special dividend.
      Bad board choice. And hence, they should all be fired.

    • if they even orchestrate a reverse stock split, Management must RESIGN!!!