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  • lttrader1 lttrader1 Apr 26, 2013 8:20 AM Flag

    Will John Fichthorn join us in the earnings call ?

    What will be Third Avenue, Dialectic and the other institutional investors reactions to this result ? Will they be demanding management changes for a start ?

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    • These 2 TLAB directors need to go:

      Stephanie Pace Marshall, Ph.D., 67, retired. Founding president and president emerita of Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy 1986. Ph.D., Loyola University; M.A., University of Chicago; B.A., Queens College. Tellabs director since 1996.

      Jan H. Suwinski, 71, professor of Business and Operations, Cornell University, Johnson Graduate School of Management since 1996. Chairman, Siecor Corporation, 1992-1996. Executive vice president of OptoElectronics Group, Corning Incorporated 1990-1996. Director, Thor Industries, Inc. and ACI Worldwide, Inc. M.B.A. and B.M.E., Cornell University. Tellabs director since 1997.

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      • These TLAB directors prolly need to go too:

        Bo Hedfors, 69, retired. President of Hedfone Consulting, Inc. (telecom and Internet consulting) 2002-2009. President, Motorola Networks 1998-2002; president and chief executive officer of Ericsson, Inc. 1994-1998; chief technology officer of LM Ericsson 1990-1993. M.S.E.E., Chalmers University of Technology. Tellabs director since 2003.

        Frank Ianna, 63, chief executive officer of Attila Technologies LLC since 2007. President of AT&T Network Services 1998-2003; various executive and senior management positions at AT&T 1990-1998; various management and staff positions at AT&T 1972-1998. Director, Clearwire Corporation and Sprint Nextel. M.S.E.E., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; B.E.E.E., Stevens Institute of Technology. Tellabs director since 2004.

        Michael E. Lavin, 67, retired. Midwest area managing partner KPMG LLP 1993-2002. Partner 1977-2002. Director, Integrys Energy Group, Inc. B.B.A., University of Wisconsin. Tellabs director since 2003.

    • TLAB got some New Management. (New Chairman, New CEO, New CFO coming in soon, some new BOD members) . New Blood = Good Change!!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • It doesnt look that way,Dialectic sold 3 million shares last qtr,at a huge loss,no change seen coming from these incompatent criminals,wasnt rossman put on the board on behalf of dialectic,Fitchorn has been quiet since 2 qtr of last year,this bumbling management,the only new outside management has been szafran and he bailed in 8 months,bought 200,000 shares at $4,he probably wasnt shady,so they asked him to step down,who really knows,these are the biggest bunch of crooks i have ever seen................and getting away with it!! For years and now decades.