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  • byenhold byenhold Aug 20, 1998 8:18 PM Flag

    Nightmare on TLAB Street

    The horror ... The horror. Yes we all know that
    pain in the pit of our stomachs as we watched this
    baby plummet. I got in @ 63 and change and watched it
    go to the 90's and then watched it get crushed back
    down to this level. Welcome to Wall Street and high
    tech stocks.

    Look seriously at your investing
    time frame and then decide what to do with TLAB. If
    you can bear to stick it out and wait a year, I would
    say hold on. If you can't, then take the loss and
    move on. My personal feeling is that this company has
    too much going for it not to recover and move higher.
    Tellabs is extremely well positioned for the future. This
    setback is temporary.