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  • Haf48 Haf48 Jun 14, 2001 11:12 PM Flag

    Wall street anal=ists

    As usual those dumb fucks are like vultures hovering. Where were they 8 months ago to predict this bs downtown. None were in sight then but they are all on top of it now. Seems to me now would be the time to buy because there will be a future. When I don't know but then I don't like bfing like these anal=ists. Gee what has happened to Battabaglia and that other asshole Finnerty. Both those big mouths are probably hiding in the closet where they belong. Also this company has a dog fuck pr guy also.

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    • Didn't you see it on the news.
      Those dumbfuck anals are all crooked.
      Hard to find a sell ..but there are many buys..even when the market is tanking.
      Do not listen to those dumb fuck Wallstreet
      types. They are all salesmen..and they make money on your money whether you win or loose..and if you don't buy..they don't make.
      And most of those anals get paid via the
      investment bank do you think
      they will mouth off bad news about a company they do biz with?