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  • tredleon tredleon Jul 1, 2008 2:07 PM Flag

    Rights to Imagify are complex

    You guys stroking Sherri are out of your minds. Everyone agrees that the Imagify technology has substantial potential, so why is the stock trading at less than $1? Answer, because Sherri has backed this company into a corner, where they have absolutely no negotiating power. Whether it is selling off assets at fire sale prices (the HDDS sale to Cephalon), neogiating partnership terms, or selling new shares, the company has absolutely no leverage. Why, because Sherri did not raise enough money to get the company to the goal line - i.e. FDA approval. For the past two years she has spoke about the NDA submission as the holy grail for the company - as if the market was going to reward her for it. And remember, the original timeline for submission was missed by almost a year. And in the meantime, the promised advances in the remaining pipeline were abandoned in order to get the Imagify submission back on track.

    Bottom line - Sherri has totally mis-managed this company from both a finanical perspective (not raising enough money to give the company an operating cushion when she had the chance 2-3 years ago) and operationally (continuously missing milestones for the Imagify NDA, while letting the rest of the pipeline stagnate). Just listening to her babble over the last couple of years about missed milestones and her confusing spin on the RAMP results is enough to know that she is pure amateur-hour. And if that is not enough, how do rationalize the company's stock price going from above $10 to below $0.50 over the past 5 years - is that the kind of performance you look for in a CEO?

    It will be interesting to see what she does to salvage Imagify's value for the shareholders, and as several posters have pointed out, the best way to do that is to partner Imagify - if she scrapes just enough cash to get the company through 1st quarter next year and the FDA denies or delays the approval, you'll see the share price back below $0.50 in a heartbeat. But either way, current shareholders will not realize the full value of ACUS' technology because of Sherri's mis-management.

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