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  • hair_pie_face hair_pie_face Jul 12, 2012 12:39 PM Flag


    Kutz...... Any comment on the EU filing? Give us some insightful thoughts!!


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    • according to the last press release: "CHMP opinion is expected in Q4 2013". Maybe approval then quick sale of company. The Burrell loan can be converted into shares (11 million??) and that will dilute our shares. We might get $1.00/sh. JMHO

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Hair, EU approval, if it actually comes about, with turn this stock into at least a 100 bagger.

      At this price, and with only a 5 million share float, and after waiting patiently for so long, I think its a dam sight better play than the lottery.

      At my average cost, it only has to break $1.43 for me to start making money.
      And the taxes on any winnings are at Cap gains rates.

      I was able to only add a few hundred shares, before giving up, as my offers were most often ignored, or I would only get a fractional fill on any given day, if iI didn't specify all or nothing, so even the low lot commissions make it a costly way to accumulate. The problem is, there is so little interest in this stock, that any meaningful accumulation drastically raises the SP, so you have to buy in dribs and drabs to avoid driving it up.

      I transferred my holdings into my Roth some time ago, when I was able to sell the ones in my traditional IRA and buy them back in my Roth at almost the same cost, where the cashout would have no impact on my taxes, either way.

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      • Pop,
        What makes you think the EU approval won't come through? This is a no brainer! It's actually B.S. that we're required to perform a "placebo" test in the US by performing ultra sounds with and without Imagify! This is clearly the "nuke" industry lobbying the government because they know that Imagify has them under a barrel. The EU is anti-nuke and does not believe in placebo tests. This is merely a test off time until they reach the already known conclusion..... that Imagify is far superior to the health and welfare of mankind over nuclear stress testing for coronary artery disease.

        What do you mean you've only been able to add a few hundred shares? Take then on the ask!! There's only $25 difference between the bid and ask when looking at 500 shares. Take them on the ask and have a nice day!! We're going to be rich!

    • Kutz,
      Are you out there? I was hoping you're still holding your toilet paper shares (as you call them) so you can still provide some insightful thoughts on Acusphere and Imagify. Now that we only have 5M shares outstanding I'm considering accumulating at this level to take advantage of the EU approval this year. What do you think of this idea?


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