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  • hair_pie_face hair_pie_face Aug 19, 2013 6:35 PM Flag

    Corp. Viability

    It's interesting to see ACUS explode from .35 to .50. It's even more interesting that I used the word "explode"..... knowing I also own a few shares back in the Nasdaq Small Cap days when shares traded for $3.


    I'm thinking we have some progress in Europe causing a spike in volume and price. I'm still amazed and actually flabbergasted that Imagify has not received the notoriety it deserves. Stay on course longs.... Aka. HOLD..... Only a bankruptcy stands between the promised land and Zero! I believe the promised land is still in sight!!


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    • Its of course obvious why it didnt get approved in the US. The product was too good and would have wiped out the already established Nuclear stress testing 3 billion dollar market. Big pharma couldnt allow it. I cant say I blame them..its all about money. Should be intresting to see if EMA is as corrupt. Product is just too good for its own sake. Big pharma is as bad if not worse than big oil. Cephalon essentially bought the technology to squash it for awhile. Should be interesting to see if they finally let it go in Europe. Good ol' biotech Cartel. Gotta love em. Most powerful and ruthless cartel after the mexican cartels. Or maybe more so. Good luck.. Think Im going to #$%$ a few here for myself just in case. Hopefully with the expanding medical cost and aging european population (as well as the US) Cephalon will see the money they could make . As well as the limits being set under Obama care...they will see cheaper is better and more profitable. But Im doubtful. The upside is not a single insider has sold any shares. The downside is its HARD to buy them damn things! A 5000 dollar trade increased the companies worth by 500,000 dollars ! crazy!

    • LOL comes to my mind Just a #$%$ shoot, long time shareholder down $$$$$$$$$, go longs

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