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  • proforma_is_sooo_nasdaq5000 proforma_is_sooo_nasdaq5000 Sep 2, 2006 2:57 PM Flag

    SR1 & other pumpers, SNDK will drop

    No - I won't. SNDK Estimates are dropping, consumer spending is going down, home values dropping, commodity business, need I say more? You are a bagholder SR1 - you will hold until this thing hits the $20s again - some time in the next year. You already watched it drop form almost $80 to $37 this year. Why can't you admit this is a game, you have to buy and sell --- it is all a cycle. You'll end up losing your gains. Stop acting like SNDK does not have competition - go read their 10K. Oh, and clean up your filty mouth -sheesh - shame on you.

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    • ok this stock is definately volatile if it can go from 80 to 37 why not 58 to 100??? I think this stock could split in next year or so...But thats just my opinion..and as for the new dude in here spouting off shit, dude you are new around here so dont come in here acting like you know all you are just another fly in the ointment short, have seen several of you in the last almost 2 years...

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