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  • misanthropicgrouch misanthropicgrouch Oct 4, 2007 10:21 AM Flag

    The gaps have filled. The island reversal

    is neutralized. Spot has gotten Too Cheap again. SanDisk will stomp the estimates at the high and low ends. Sharp upward revisions for Q4 and 2008 should follow.

    Time to start accumulating again.

    If blows would just go short, I'd say it's time to back up the truck.

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    • Can you explain how the Island has been negated???

      OBVIOUSLY you nknow nothing of charting.

      • 1 Reply to council76
      • The 'purpose' of the reversal was to guarantee the filling of the two gaps. We couldn't be confident that was the purpose until we watched how the stock filled the gap at 52.57. The high up volume at the end of the day yesterday was greater than the volume on the gap fill. If the reversal had any mojo, the gap should have filled on very high volume and the bounce out of the gap should have been weaker. Instead, the bounce was on solid volume - more than the volume that filled the gap. As the stock has fallen back, the volume has dwindled down to about the usual lunch hour level.

        Trading stocks is an art. Beginners and natural boneheads always try to turn it into a science because they have no judgment. Beginners have no judgment because even if they have the capacity for good judgment, they haven't been trading long enough to have developed any.

        This has been our Community Service message for the day. Now back to our regularly scheduled unreasoning hostility.

    • As the established EXPERT on islands I wonder if you can explain why Australia is considered a continent when an island is ANY body of land COMPLETELY surrounded by water. No profanity please(that seems to be your REAL expertise).

    • A real landslide. You could look it up.

    • BTW dumbfvck,

      An island reversal is quite apparent.

      Even a novice TA guy can identify it base on a few criteria.

      This leads me to believe that you're nowhere close to being a novice TA guy.

      You're an idiot and a loser.

    • I'm still laughing about your "neutralize" comment.

      WTF is that anyways. I didn't realize that was a term used in TA.


      you're one funny guy.

      • 1 Reply to sndk_blows
      • Your thinking is both primitive and rigid. You appear to think an island reversal isn't an island reversal unless it's predictive of a major market move.

        I made money recognizing the reversal had some small oomph (there's another TA term you should like) to it. Now I'll make more while you TA boneheads are finally noticing the reversal and misunderstanding it.

        If you'll just go short, the stars will be aligned for a very nice move up.

    • still touting your island reversal I see.

      Now you're claiming it's been neutralized? WTF is neutralized. Did you learn that from reading TA for dummies?

      You're a fvcking idiot for claiming island reversal yesterday. Now you're making up sh@t about it being "neutralize".

      Just admit you were wrong and move on.

      Atleast I'm man enough to admit I was wrong for calling 58 without any pullback.

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