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  • nazcasino nazcasino Oct 11, 2007 1:48 PM Flag

    Longers... let me tell you

    All the biz info aside.

    Just the trading action alone, SNDK has trouble written all over it.

    GS pumped the stock, SNDK traded lower.
    C pumped the stock, SNDK traded lower.
    JP pumped the stock, SNDK traded lower.

    Today, the downgrade from the fund. SNDK traded lower.

    In the meantime, insiders dumped with "pre-arranged" sale plans, which you longers have no problems with.

    All this happened when the market keep blowing the top off like mad, setting new highs with one of the biggest bull run in the history.

    You longers who are still thinking everything is just wonderful, SNDK will shoot up from here or after ER, should take some lessons in stock trades in this casino, or have your heads checked.

    Here is what I think will happen. SNDK stock may very well tank after the ER. And stock price will be at a cross road. Then the company will mention stock buy back plan again to calm the investors and shareholders. Longers with positions underwater will wonder what to do, cut the lose or buy more? Anyway, it is dead money one way or another.

    What if the market crashs or go into a huge correction from here? How will SNDK be taded? Can you handle the storm if that happens? Please think the downside risks before you buy more with high hopes. Is SNDK a good company? Yes. Will SNDK stock go up in the future? Yes. The problem is when and from what price? Are you willing to hold this stock and weather all the storms for a couple of years? If you can. Then, turn off your computer, come back in a few years.

    The $100+, $70, or even $65.00 target prices are a distant pipe dream for now. Face the music. And get real!

    Good luck to you all!@

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