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  • rebeldoe rebeldoe Oct 26, 2007 11:20 AM Flag

    SNDK Sues... why now?

    You and others like you are the reason that companies have to sue. When you by cheap knock-offs you are acting like a fence to a thief. Don't try to justify your actions. You are participating in a crime. The courts will rule as much. I guess legally you would be referred to as an unindicted co-conspirator.Please don't reply by cursing and name-calling. There is already enough of that on this board. I am just answering the question. In the end we ALL pay for these kind of practices.

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    • rebeldoe, you are wrong. This is a much more complex issue.

      The consumer is purchsing according to the cost of the product. They are not stealing. It is the distributor and manufacturer who are stealing. Now, the recent changes in patent law is going to reward the thiefs. You can thank MSFT and others for pushing these changes. By doing so, they are F.... the US and companies that are engaged in high tech (MSFT has never created anying new).

      The US is going down partially because we allowed Asia not to play by the rules. They steal our IP and use it without paying royalties (Samsung is one such company).

      The Copyright law is another example of b.s.

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