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  • takeunderat5 takeunderat5 Oct 30, 2008 12:48 PM Flag

    $1.8billion market cap and no earnings, infinity PE

    This stock is over valued by about $7 according to strict accounting standards, just shorted 25,000 shares at 8.02. Wish me luck, not that I need any, hope to make around $200,000 by Christmas Day.

    Wouldn't that be a nice present for myself? Anyone remember when Samsung offered $26 and Eli turned it down, in less than a second.


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    • have fun if there is an offer of 30$, you gonna need to sell body parts to cover that short.

      If they just sell everything and fire everyone and just collect royalty revenue, they would be profitable.

      • 3 Replies to boyz1986
      • Dear boyz,

        Having answered Sally like that implies that you actually believe she is short - be assured that the only short position she holds is in her brains - and when her ass finally falls off from rolling around and laughing so hard, she will have lost all the brains she was born with.

        She has her fun - why? - only God knows why and how she can waste time like this immersed in such a fantasy. She probably lost her mind after putting all her bunny eggs in the Sandisk basket from that "short" long price of 80, and now just trades on Excel spreadsheets like a mad hatter, transfering Monopoly money from nook to nook in an old-fashioned credenza.

      • He's just mouth. He has no investment here. Serious investors don't spend there time berating everybody else. That would be a waste of valuble time. He is a computer bully. Nothing else. Just a small minded person hiding behind a computer screen.

      • ROTFLMAO, you sound like Eli, he tell's that to his employee's on a daily basis, from what I have heard from several people who are stuck working there, they say it's beyond any nightmare that you can ever imagine, and that the moral and overall company are basically worthless. Love the way Eli tells employee's that, yet commits new money to building plants in Japan with Toshiba, a company that is $2billion in debt, and has a $1.8bil market cap, this stock, without Toshiba's backing, can hit $0 overnight, a penny stock, just watch, Toshiba is not committed to buying back that plant for $1billion, they can back out at any point.

        GT and GL.


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