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  • jm.strong jm.strong Jul 20, 2009 6:40 PM Flag

    Earnings Week has just begun, going HIGHER!!!!


    Lets try this again, this time read carefully and don't be so quick on the Keyboard!

    Take your time but most of all "THINK"!

    There are many reasons why one should continue their long positions and even less why one should go short!

    Currently, the hype is over Chartist explaining we are held over by H&S that maybe interesting at best.

    Although, here's the kicker if the Markets and we know Global Tech Securities Demand continues to rise that said here we are with better that 49% rise since Mar 9 in the NasDaq and for those that trade these markets the rewards have been far greater.

    S&P and the DOW have albeit impressive gains and many individual sec have surprised the fact remains that if any of these indices breakout above resistance at these levels we will here a FINANCIAL SONIC BOOM heard around the world with Huge Gains with little to no resistance into the 52 week highs.

    Here's the kicker if we do not see this happen by Wed at the latest its time to cull out the rest of your profits and reset to you nominal investment.

    Although, we continue to express extreme strength in these Markets not just for all of the positive reports about the Global Economic Stabilization but here's the Million Dollar Answer!

    The forecast expected changes coming down the PIPELINE, thats right the expected new TAX LAWS are going to force a mad rush into the Markets this at present is expected to last well into the EoY pushing the Markets Up better than 25% to 30% by EoY.

    Of course Earnings Release and Profit Margins will add to this Momentum and Yes we have been trailing as the Big Money continues to Pour in those Companies posting impressive Margin Gains!

    Additionally we have DOHA which like the rest we should have some idea of which way the nation will be taking on Trade and Globalization.

    Then of course here's the kick in the pants anytime between 22 and 24 we expect a small pull back but nothing that can send Shorts to the banks.

    Instead, we expect that all 1st level supports will hold and it they prove to be doing as forecast!

    We expect to add to our position by better than double adding monthly through the EoY and quite possibly into Mid 2010.

    Confirmation of a Bull Trend should be announced by Friday or at the latest Monday if all goes according to the analysis.

    For those not strong enough to hold through Friday we expect several will take their profits and maintain a healthy position with Stops.

    As for myself I am back to the 10 dy MA with no stops but if the Indices Clear Tuesday and Early Wednesday you can bet we will continue to buildup are very impressive position into 2010.

    Remember, those new Tax Laws directed at the Top 20% will send them into the markets hand over fist for the most part they have already begun to do so!

    La Dolce Vita!

    Best of Luck Longers and Trader$$$$


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    • Better than 150 Earning Releases this intraday!

      Amazing WINNERS out number the Losers 4:1

      Target Set at 23.21

      La Dolce Vita!

      Best of Luck Longers and Trader$$$$


    • Only one thing can change the direction it you!

      Don't let it happen, heres why the rumblings of M&A are currently echoing in the Halls of SNDK!

      Things appear to be heating UP as the rumblings of M&A AMZN is looking to Buy and reports earning today.

      Then we have BMY buying MEDX this looks to be the beginning of yet many more to come ahead of the new Tax Law Changes.

      But of course we know this is Turkey Thursday already in the EU Profit taking has been on the move.

      As for myself again there is nothing wrong with a bit of profit taking although Friday looks to be a Major Breakout Friday!

      Wednesday's SetUp was just the thing Longs needed to advance the Markets into the next leg UP!

      MCD should have a massively impressive release as Ford does better yet again followed by MSFT all looking to hold their ground even AXP looks like they may runup!

      But most of all Global Demand for anything US Tech is on the RISE all current indicators continue to express impress Demand through the EoY

      So what am I doing!

      Buying any Dip at these Levels!

      The Push back should cause the Perma Bears to reconsider and we may get consolidationas early as today or as late as Mid day tomorrow!

      La Dolce Vita!

      Best of Luck Longers and Trader$$$$


    • 20's

      Have become a reality!

      La Dolce Vita!

      Best of Luck Longers and Trader$$$$


    • Sweet as Honey!!!!

      Farecast Holding!!!!

      Easiest Gains Ever!!!!

      Weak USD will sending Earning Higher and Higher!!!!

      La Dolce Vita!!!!

      Best of Luck Longers and Trader$$$$


    • This stock moves to 20, takes a rest then moves to 40, then moves to 60. Look at the long term chart.

    • Keep pumpimg buddy, only 2 more days. Keeppumping. We love you!

      you may even get a raise!

    • H&S broke down this Intraday!!!!

      Look for Greater Gains as Earning Release Continues!!!!

      La Dolce Vita!!!!

      Best of Luck Longers and Trader$$$$


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