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  • day_trader_radio_rocks day_trader_radio_rocks Dec 26, 2009 11:35 PM Flag


    It’s very simple.

    The Federal Reserve in cahoots with the Treasury have transferred the losses from the balance sheets of their favorite financial institutions onto US taxpayers in a deliberate effort to bankrupt the US government while making their international banking cronies rich and powerful.

    As with any bankruptcy, there will be a huge conflict between creditors, which in this case consists of the different segments of the US population, all making a claim on the same limited set of government resources.

    This identical scenario is being played out simultaneously all over the developed world. Just look at what is happening in Ireland and Greece.

    The IMF will be called on to bail out different countries but will require compliance with austerity measures which will include limits on carbon emissions and the repayment of loans in SDRs – the new global currency.

    Eventually Obama will explain to the American people how everybody must make sacrifices for the common good in order to avoid a US debt default and comply with IMF austerity measures.

    What happens after that is anybody’s guess. how much time you got SNDK?

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