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  • slattary slattary Mar 17, 2010 9:55 AM Flag

    Good Morning, America!!! How Are You

    now that Evil has succeeded to take over this great country, once under God?

    In order for God the Father, our Creator, to maintain the Sanctity of the Kingdom of Heaven while sharing with us, His children who are sinful by nature, has allowed His only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to be Sacrificed and His Blood shed to wash away our sins.

    In his nearly 27 years of Papacy, Pope John Paul II visited and preached the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to almost 130 nations. Burdened by the knowledge of future world events, Pope John Paul II made great efforts to try to unify the Churches and mankind of all nations. Pope John Paul II spent his life as the modern day John The Baptist making way for the Second Coming of Christ.

    Christians, who remain faithful to the Lord and do not accept the RFID Implant, The Mark of The Beast, must become aware that they may have to give up their lives for Christ, just as Christ did for them on the Cross.

    All Martyrs that choose to give up their lives for their Faith, along with all other Saints will rise and join Christ in the sky during the First Resurrection when Christ returns to Earth at the beginning of the Day of The Lord. All of the other remaining mankind, both living and dead, will have to wait for their Final Judgment at the Second Resurrection.

    Although the play is already in full motion and almost impossible to change the outcome, the faithful need to encourage all mankind that have fallen away from their Faith to return to God.

    If enough people heed this warning and mend their lives, maybe, just maybe, the outcome of this play can still be changed and further delay this eventual fate for mankind, which includes the future of all of our children and generations yet to come.

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