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  • jm.strong jm.strong Jul 17, 2010 2:27 PM Flag

    Ladies, Heres a bit of the Gander

    Considering right before this Bush Economic Mess hit the Fan

    SNDK Book Value sat confortably at 21.71 in 2007 and 21.11 in 2006

    2008 caused a Massive Correction to 14.11 so the fact that SNDK fell to 5USD was all to apparent the Correction was way over done.

    While currently SNKD Book Value sits at 17.11 and Trend confirmed Higher Highs with a Rise in Book Value to the 2006 gives us a 4USD Value but if we take the 2007 Trend we have a 4.61

    Surely SNDK has a better grasp of their Financial situation today than they did in 2006 or 2007

    Especially with Toshiba's agressive move to Construct Fab 5 and 3D production.

    It is What it Is!

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    • All of this mess actually started with Ronald Wilson Regan!!

    • Sir,

      I take it you are a Die Hard Republican!

      Considering the Mess the last 5 republican Presidents well President Obama is doing Fantastic.

      Now ask yourself this

      What have the republicans done for the people much less for the Welfare of this Nation!

      They gave us Bush!

      It seems that he and Chaney both are in the same boat!

      You and Barb are the only ones that believe they did a great job!


    • It can't be what it is because the whole thing is premised on a lie. Dems controlled the spending for the last 2 years of Bush's term. Frank and Dodd pushed Fannie and Freddie off a cliff. Do your rose colored glasses allow you to see any wrong with the liberals? Why are so many long time demos grabbing their campaign chests and quitting? I say get rid of all incumbents. Both parties. Sweep the vermin out. Get rid of the professionals.....wait a minute I just put on the wrong glasses. Those were rose colored from the Reagan days. Tell me JM do you see any fault in the Democratic Party?

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      • You bet, I fault the Clinton's for their hand in this Mess, of this you can rest assured.

        Just like I fault Bush for his Mess.

        But, there is one very important difference between those men and this man of this you can rest assured his dedication to correcting many wrongs it seems is most likely the best this Nation has to offer.

        Considering the fragmentations this nation has endured over the past 60 years.

        Nope, you can bet that what Clinton did was a huge mistake, of course you know of what I am speaking surely.

        But, the blatant abuse in Washington during those Mens Tenure is and should always be taught in Higher Education of what not to be.

        Likewise, you must admit that these men have been and example of poor character and I mean everyone since the Reagan Administration.

        All of who had their roots in the 50's and 60's

        Indeed, I do believe that the republican Party can produce an impressive candidate without all the Crap as its obvious the Democrat found President Obama.

        Can they or Will they not likely!

        But, if you care to through in a name I willing to consider all of them.

        Just Sayin

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