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  • ls_nthny ls_nthny Jul 24, 2010 9:50 AM Flag

    This company is probably up for sale right now.

    I can't help believing that Eli's departure was board mandated because he stood in the way of any type of buyout. The next few months will tell the tale. With the consolidation taking place in the past in this industry, it makes perfect sense for INTC to step in or even for SAMSUNG to reenter the picture. I don't know if AAPL would be interested because of their own Fab plant supposedly going up. ANY THOUGHTS ON THIS ASPECT???????

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    • LOL!

      You poor delusional cubby seems you not only like misleading reader but not only mislead but distort.


      I disagreed with someone and that someone was you

      Although, I may agree with the checks and balance but where are the checks and balances when it comes to all US Agencies thats the trick.

      But thats not what I disagreed with your sad patheics excuse for knowledge!

      It is What it Is!

    • We expect the Fed will begin rising rate as soon as Oct but no later than Q1 2011

      Most current calculations expect a rise of 1% initially maintaining a handle on Deflation seems was the goal and now considering the World Economics Deflation becomes less probable making Inflation the true next culpret at hand!

      Hence, Rising Rates

      Seems fitting considerIng Canada we expect will begin as does Autralia next month if not sooner.


      = Jobs are critical going into this Holiday Season and I am not simply speaking here in the States!

    • Hey Monk, I didn't have one either. Just used him as an example of strange logic surrounding the market. Bumpy road ahead, no doubt.

      Time to join family and friends. Hope everyone has a pleasant evening.

    • Thanks for the info!
      I listened to him, I am sorry no epiphany!
      His argument is best countered in that MONETARY policy can not stem the FISCAL policy damage already done, IMHO.
      Until there is a re-tracement or nulling of current FISCAL policy, the market will remain in danger regardless of any liquidity.

    • My God, earlier jm attached someone who said more check an balance were needed. jm need to get real, becuase he isn't, under whever is directing what he can say.

    • After having just posted those comments how did you let your hatred of Bush convince you to vote for and defend obama. You want it both ways. Your logic is that of a fence stradler. You speak of defending the Constitution and yet offer no protest as obama ignores it. The courts will sort this out but it may be too late to prevent irreparable damage.

    • You must be kidding jm. Somewhere above you criticized a poster for saying checks and balances were needed. You kid no one. Your a nice poster sometimes, but get a little flustered over an Obama criticism. Take it as it is, Obama is no longer loved and it has nothing to do with time, it has everything to do with how he has and is handling issues. Kiss your buddy goodbye in 2012!

    • Dow1951,

      Its already happening Australia is set to raise rates yet again next month.

      Import/Export continues to impress!


      China rising, EU rising, Canada rising and we know Australasia continues to maintain extreme strength even with GOLD and Oil price declines.


    • Jim, just back from the gym where I worked out with a exec from Lexus. Sure sounds like they are reving their engines, if the luxury car industry is any indicator of our economy. Noticed that Porsche and BMW sales seem to be improving as well.

    • Dow1951,

      Markets are Set to Run!

      And Run in a Big Way!


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