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  • rebeldoe rebeldoe Jul 27, 2010 10:32 AM Flag

    Economy burns while

    Nero(obama) fiddles(plays golf)(concerts)(parties)(vacations in Maine while the Gulf Coast tourism dies). He just does not get it.Last night he complained that his finances had also been hurt. He failed to mention that he made over $5 million last year and is worth north of 7.7million. He really has no clue. Vote in November as if your very future depended on it because it does. Vote for your children and grandchildren.GO SNDK.

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    • More to that...Maine people don't like outsiders, especially from the South or NY. They don't even get along with Neigbors from New Hampshire.

      Beautiful place, but a lot of phony people in Exec positions. Been there and experienced it.

    • I had a buddy who went to Maine in July and fell in love with the place. He operates heavy equipment so he lined up a job and moved to Maine the following year. He moved up there in June and returned home on Dec. 15. We still pick on him about it. Old southern boy couldn't take the below zero temps.

    • He will be gone in 2012, doesn't even matter if he runs or not. He is very bad for the US.

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      • If someone can find a Republican or Democrat that has a solution to the 30 years of taxpayers voting to run up the national credit card, please post their name and plan.

        The oil drilling discussion is great example of the nations problem. A vast majority of the public wants to pump that oil now, this quarter because we need it now. I think the generation being born today would love to have some of that oil when they are building a life. No, we need it now because we have dug a deep fricking hole with our votes. Need to live the good life another quarter.

        Another example of not wanting to sacrifice anything today for a better future. Medicare started hinting they need to cut doctor reimbursement rate to extend the life of Medicare. The seniors were up in arms not wanting their choice of doctors limited. Fearing cutting payouts would push doctors off Medicare plans. Think any other unfundable programs see cuts pass?

        Enjoy the ride while it lasts. Kick that massive debt can down to the next generation? Granny and Grandpa ain't gonna sacrifice their doctors fees and I think that is saying a lot.

    • rebeldoe you fool!!!! what could bush do about katrina? what can obama do about gulf coast? do you want obama cleaning oil? did you want bush to build levees? they are not supermen with magical powers..the government is not in the oil business..BP is responsible end of story....sndk not acting well lets blame obama!

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      • thetruthisinescapable thetruthisinescapable Jul 27, 2010 11:56 AM Flag

        I agree that neither president can single handedly undo Katrina or the gulf oil disaster.
        It is clear that FEMA failed to work well with the local authorities. Obama did not pass on the opportunity to ridicule Bush for this.
        Now, Obama's gulf response operatives were found to have milked their time by playing around and even doing drugs.
        Clearly both men were victims of their representatives.
        Should we not blame Obama for he unjustly ridiculed Bush. Should he not suffer the same "sling and arrows of outrageous fortune"?
        In addition, he has shown himself to be a dispassionate person in the midst of tragedy.
        Obama like Bush has a lot of errors to answer for, BUT Obama will blame someone else.
        Bush was too dumb to accept the failure also, he just simply shut up about it.

    • He's going on a Talk Show this Thursday, the 1st president to do it while in office. Will he use a Teleprompter?

    • Lady,

      Incredible how little you know!


      The Commerce Dept is

      The United States Department of Commerce is the Cabinet department of the United States government concerned with promoting economic growth. It was originally created as the United States Department of Commerce and Labor on February 14, 1903. It was subsequently renamed to the Department of Commerce on March 4, 1913, and its bureaus and agencies specializing in labor were transferred to the new Department of Labor.

      And considering a Republican currently holds that seat well!

      Sec Gary Locke

      It May now be time to replace this bureaucrat!

      The Buck may stop at the Presidents Office its been this office's along with the Fed/Treasury's continued Failures that have this nation in such turbulent period.

      While New Zealand Set to raise the Repo Rate further indicating Global Growth/Expansion continues to confirm the worst of the Recession is behind us!

      It is What it Is!

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