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  • equities.trader equities.trader Oct 22, 2010 2:27 PM Flag

    *** ..... ..... STRONG Insider Buying ..... ..... ***

    Strong Insider Buying

    Elsztain, Eduardo Bought 2,952,625 shrs at $5.80, for a total value of $17,125,225.

    I'd say that is STRONG Insider Buying.

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    • I'm not so sure about that insider buying business as I stated some time ago. Alberto Elzstain is certainly trying to take some profit from his early injection of capital at such a "friend of the family" favorable price. He at least has a double and a half. The "very eyhical" Shah family has apparently already cashed their Christmas bonus leaving them with at least 100 shares each. Just kidding, I'm sure they have many more "free" shares tucked away.
      This quarter will expose the as Shahs genius at management, or expose them as opportunists and nothing more. I was quite surprized at the last Qs FFO per share. It was much better than I would have expected. I didn't expect much (sold at %5.60 and danced to the bank with my HARD earned double). The Shahs diluted the common more than any hotel REIT I've seen thus far, a mere factor of THREE. AND, they managed (no pun intended) to do this at a very low share price. Ask Alberto. At least he put his money up. He should be running this REIT.
      Anyhow, HT purchased a few hotels and we'll see how much value added occurs this Q. It looks like Alberto and the bonus employees are taking profit before earnings. I only held my last 400 shares to "long" status, and then to 2011. I'm voting with the management team.
      Not so long (0 shares), jtaylor
      Not so short(0 shares)

    • its not insider buying, its him preserving his ownership stake...

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      • It is likely that Eduardo needed to exercize the sweet option HT provided him on 5.7M shares some year or year and a half ago. Question, is he required to maintain less than 10% share ownership. Although, he could be purchasing to keep at his stake at 10% as dilution races ahead.
        Jay Shah has 700k shares (probably company given) compared to 15M shares that were purchased by Eduardo. Yeah, who has your back?

    • where did you find this buy?
      thanks in advance

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