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  • rcrno Jul 19, 2004 10:58 AM Flag


    NVR earnings tremendous, up 36%, net profit up 22%, backlog up, solid quarter, with another 552K shares bought back during first 6 months.
    Should be down to less than 6 million outstanding by end of the year.

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    • rcmo, I saw the link to the Reuters release, is the total share buy back 552K or 55.2K. Furthermore, if the buy back is 552K shares how could this increase per share income by 36 percent as Reuters states? The way I accomplish the math on a per share basis is (6.5M/6M)= 1.083. Therefore a 552K share buy back would help per share income by 8.3% not 36%.


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      • That is over 6 months. Over a year it has been higher. They took out almost 300K in the quarter alone. Please sell.

      • rcrno Jul 19, 2004 6:09 PM Flag

        Year to date quarter end repurchased 552,000
        shares. As to 36% stated per announcement.
        Big trend though is massive decrease in shares outstanding, pretty consistent with last years repurchase of 1.1 million.
        Net net, usually a week after earnings announcement, stock moves aggressively up.
        Looking for a buyout, or holding for next 3-4 years when shares will be one million outstanding, and share price of 3,500. a share or still a 3.5 billion dollar enterprise.
        Revenue hit 1 billion, and as long as interest rates stay favorable, one times revenue = market cap should approach 4 billion..

    • As usual the stock tanks afterward, and also as usual the company doesn't tell any of the shareholders that they are going to announce.

      This company is run by and for insiders, and the rest of you can go to hell as far as they are concerned.

      So far that has made for one of the most perfect pyramid schemes I've ever seen, in the stock due to buy backs that are timed to insider sales.

      When the earnings growth rates start slipping, and that day is coming very soon, then we will have insider sales and cash depletion due to share buy backs along with OUTSIDER sales due to the party being over.

      When this one moves away from this double top, it will not be tradable, but rather it will be in some 30% gap down.

      Almost there. Maybe another quarter or two. Rates are biting the way they always do and if any builder will get hit, it will be these premium builders, whose customers are using highly leveraged interest-only ARMS to barely squeeze into ruinous payments.

      And THAT was when rates were LOW!!!

      It is a bubble, and it is about to be burst.

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