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    • I voted against it.

    • It is hard to believe your interest is 11,000 shares. You keep saying this is going to zero, so why are you waiting for .20? Get out now and save your $1100 dollars.

      You do sound angry and disgruntled. You criticize the other poster for picking SSTR, but you picked it too.

      We all know the risk -- yet you keep pointing out the same negatives over and over again.

      The disconnect for me is that you are holding even though you are absolutely convinced this is going down. That kind of approach will lose you money every time.

    • So you think a reverse stock split is good? That must have passed. I have never in my life seen anything good come out of a reverse split. What was your tip?

    • < there will be a press release soon>

      I sent an e-mail question to Clive on the 10th and he replied this morning. All resolutions passed and the information will be in the next filing. He did not say when that would be.

    • darvon I am a daytrader for the most part. I could usually could careless what a company does. I buy and sell stocks by the minute, hour, day. Sometimes I hold penny stocks for months because it doesn't tie up too much capital.

      Geez, what a funny thing to say about analysts and analysis. They have all been right about their predictions this year. Haven't they?

      Anyone who follows analysis on any stock today, or charts, or media, just as well throw their money down the drain.

      I told you once and I will tell you again. I was given a tip on this stock. I put down a 1000 dollar bet. I could careless if it goes to 0, but, the risk outweighs the reward. I like story stocks.

      Why you are here waiting for a few hundred dollars tells me how much money you make in the market! :)

      Oh, I made a cool 4 grand today on FAZ.

      Try playing the ETF's lots of dough to be made there.

      The stock market is for making money, you should try it, it fun. :)

      I will leave you to your misery likes company message board and return when something is cooking with this one.

      One last note for those that need to know. There will be a press release soon outlining the results from the meeting and future plans and guidance. I think you will like what you hear, in my opinion.

    • The onslaught of selling continues. Getting closer to zero. By the way HI HO, I find it quite difficult to believe that you real make money in the stock market if your analysis of companies is any where near your assessment of SSTR.

    • You have 11000 shares? And you could have sold these at .14 the other day, maybe .13? So for 6 or 7 hundred dollars you are putting yourself thru this misery and sharing your misery with us and you want us to join you as "misery likes company?"

      And you are trying to save me? lol

      I make more money playing the ETF's in one hour than I can make here in a month or so.

      You probably lost more money on F by not buying in cheap and selling high. You could have taken the SSTR money and bought 100's of other stocks that would have given you your .20 on SSTR.

      Get with it.

      Why am I here.

      I got a tip and just for fun bought 10,000 shares. If I lose the g-note who cares. But if the story unfolds like I was told, then it is worth it.

      Listen pal you don't need to save me from making 10's of thousands weekly in this market.

      Bank of America today lone banked me 2'gs
      FAS and FAZ banked me almost 3 g's

      I am in and out of 5 to 10 stocks a day.

      Options plays is my game as well!

      Some guy named darvon is going to save me! lol

    • I am not an advocate of bashing or hyping, but every trade has two people with opposite views of a company's prospects. You have expressed your skepticism, but if you are hopeful of getting out at .20, why continue to be so negative and in a manner that seems as if you have a vested interest in seeing this go down.

      You say that insiders are selling, but filings don't support your claim. You bash Clive, and imply that he has deliberately misinformed. Clive made a big mistake last year when he projected $40 million in revenue -- had he projected $24 million, this stock would likely be trading over $1 today(that would be <.60 for each $1 of revenue on huge growth). In no way did Clive benefit from this, in fact he is a much bigger loser than either of us given the shares that he holds.

      Again, I am not disputing that this is a highly speculative stock -- but given the performance of their recent titles and the prospects of expanding those titles to other platforms, as well as new titles, there is potential here.

      Anyway, I hope you are able to get out at .20

      Good luck in your investing

    • I am long 11000 shares. I look at them as if they were worthless. Rather than sell and get 1100 out of the, I would rather hold and sell at .20 if all you pumpers would buy enough shares to move the price. Obviously, there are always more sellers than buyers with this company and I truly believe that bankruptcy is forthcoming. I was dumb enough to buy shares and I am just trying to convince people like Hi Ho not to waste their money. Nobody on this board has produced any concrete evidence as to why its stock price should go up except for the minimal swings up tp .16 that last for one trade. Study their balance sheet and tell me anything there is to like about it.

    • My understanding is that they were cash flow positive in the 4th quarter and project to be cash flow positive in the first. That is more important than earnings.

      I agree the situation is touch and go, but the prospects are a lot better than they were in the past when their financial situation was equally grim.

      I am cautiously optimistic. Hello Kitty remains high on the best selling lists of Amazon and Gamestop, their other games seem to be selling well, and they are announcing new titles.

      What is your stake in this company, other than a seeming desire to see it fail? I do not say this to provoke, but rather to understand where you are coming from.

      I have held shares of this company since it was First South Africa. I have spoken to Clive over the years and found him to be accessible and relatively forthright.

      This is a small and highly speculative company, but lots of companies like this have failed a lot quicker. I give Clive some credit for managing to evade the grim reaper.

      I have felt much more deceived by execs at much bigger companies -- eg Sun Micro,
      Sandisk, Yahoo, Tyco, etc.

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