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  • jj_jeffy jj_jeffy Feb 6, 2000 7:05 AM Flag


    You are smart and observant...the volume
    indicates that LPHL will fall.Weak PR can not keep any
    issue up, even though it can work the first couple of
    times, it's the volume = interest formula that weeds out
    the good from the bad.

    If the press releases
    didn't create more volume, even though the price may
    increase, it's not a bullish indicator because volume
    indicates interest in the market, not 40 cent gains on a
    $11.00 stock with only a tiny 100,000 shares exchanging

    I was waiting for the stock to appreciate but when
    I see volume drying up, I know what that means,
    stay away or short it if you are into that kind of
    investment style.

    I have noticed how certain a poster
    keeps telling everyone next week, two weeks, one month.
    He always try to make it sound like it's getting
    bigger and bigger as the voulme gets smaller and
    smaller. What does this indicate? Probably that the stock
    is not going to stay at this level, it's destined to
    sink.I see these type posters all over SI and they are a
    dime a dozen copycats, all using the same lies as

    Where does the information come about some date here,
    Feb. 14th? Think about it, if they actually have some
    PR on the 14th, wouldn't that make this news subject
    to investigation for leaking it out? Do any of you
    think that the executives of LPHL would be stupid
    enough to leak out information to just anyone like that?

    They could be delisted for such

    Earnings will just about kill this stock and there is no
    way to sugar coat them. Lord help the longs here if
    they release earnings on any day the market corrects,
    and we all know it's about ready to burst.

    Holding on to a beaten stock like this is a death wish,
    plain and simple. At the current level, it has a lot of
    potential downswing to it, no reason it could not sink down
    to 2 or 3 level.

    I'm just posting how the
    indicators suggest this stock is a very risky hold. Of
    course after reading messages here over the last 2 weeks
    I will no doubt be called names by the emotional
    investors, but I am certain that I am not wrong, this stock
    will go down and fast.

    We shall see soon
    enough. I have nothing to lose at this point, I don't own
    this stock and I wouldn't touch it, not until they get
    past earnings. Maybe then I might consider it, but to
    buy it knowing that earnings will be terrible is not
    savvy investing. Not when you should know you can buy
    maybe twice as much for the same amount of money

    Cheers to you all and good luck, you will need it if you
    ignore the indicators.

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    • No you don't see Expedia and Travelocity web
      sites in multiple languages, do you ever wonder why?
      because they only target the U.S. market. Leisureplanet
      has set out to be the number one online travel
      service outside the U.S., starting with Europe.

    • I beg to differ. This company is not
      and people do care about its earnings and as a matter
      of fact, how much the company loses money too. Do
      you know that AMZN's revenue of last 4th quarter of
      '99 alone is equal to its earnings for the whole 1998
      year? Do you see that kind of growth in LPHL? Investors
      are not going to give LPHL the kind of treatment they
      give to a giant like AMZN.

      As you can see, the
      stock just barely popped up after the recent news
      because the investors see no indication that the company
      will make money from those deals.

      Creating a
      web site in multiple languages is just hype. LPHL is
      claiming that it's selling tickets to countries as remote
      as Hungary, Poland, South Africa. Just how are they
      going to deliver the tickets if they make the sales?
      E-ticket is not available in those countries. To create a
      web site in other foreign languages, you just need to
      hire a few translators. That's the easy part. Whether
      or not you can sell anything is the big

      You ain't see Expedia or Travelocity trying to build
      their web site in multiple languages, and they can do
      it easily if they want to but they don't, because it
      doesn't make any sense.

      If LPHL sells me a plane
      ticket for $610 while Expedia sells for just $330 then I
      say that they need to improve their price first
      before worrying about selling overseas.

    • Yes you will be called names. You are an
      arrogant, lying SHORT. I stay away from harsh language
      generally, but your outrageous lies compell me to post. The
      level of this stock around 11 reflects normal
      retracement after a run up from 6 to 16. This stock hasn't
      seen 2-3 dollar range in over a year, and with major
      infusions of investment capital in the nine to 14.50 range
      won't see those levels again. I'm not going to predict
      the near term fluctuations, but please tell me this
      brilliant investor that you are: Why did CNN, WDR and
      Arnault pump 60 million into this baby when they could
      have held their money a couple of months and bought in
      for pennies on the dollar?

      Posing as a long,
      Mr. "I was waiting for this stock to appreciate" is
      laughable. I hope you short this stock to the

      Real investors know that they don't know the future,
      Mr. "it's destined to sink." You should sell your
      crystal ball to an investment company.

      I did take
      your SEC concerns seriously however. Insider trading
      and spreading misinformation is improper, so I am
      planning to forward your message to the SEC.

      ALL OF
      THE ABOVE IS MY HUMBLE OPINION. And as always, I
      apologize to all those who use these boards for the
      exchange of real information, but sometimes spammers just
      get to me.

      • 1 Reply to rexobXIP
      • "I did take your SEC concerns seriously however.
        Insider trading and
        spreading misinformation is
        improper, so I am planning to forward your
        message to
        the SEC."

        Thanks for doing that. I agree,
        insider trading and spreading misinformation is improper.
        Why are you sending my message though? I didn't post
        the date of Feb 14th? Where's the email address for
        sending in posts to the SEC. I will forward the two
        spammers who posted that date today.

        Yes, the
        spammers get to me too, all the same old PR for
        information instead of discussion of the real business

        Good luck

    • alias poster here!!!


      I really like how you just made up that new screen
      name on Feb 2nd, and were not the least bit embarrased
      to kiss your own ass, even though it was obvious you
      were responsing to yourself. Big balls! I like

      Hey, I want to take the opportunity to tell ALL OF MY
      TWELVE ALIASES that "you guys are all smart &
      observant", too! LOLPIMP!!! COLPOMD!!!


      • 2 Replies to kodelsnewalias
      • If you care to check my handle, it said it was
        created on Oct 5th, 1999 - actually it was created a long
        time ago but I went in to check on its status and the
        date changed - but I didn't post here until late
        January after a friend of mine told me about the

        My philosophy is I don't marry a stock, so even as I
        own a small amount of shares of this stock, I will
        discuss it freely on message boards to gather ideas from
        other people. My feelings right now is this company
        doesn't seem to be doing too well as a travel company. My
        first experience with its web site is I can't even
        register, the second experience is they quoted me an
        airfare that is almost twice as expensive than Expedia
        and Expedia is a better known company. So now you ask
        me, why do I want to shop at Leisure Planet, an
        obscure company that quoted me a much higher airfare than
        its well known competitor?

      • Thank you. The perfect example of just what I was
        posting about, a crybaby who can't stand someone who
        doesn't agree with his stock picks, so I have to be
        someone else in your mind.

        I see that you don't
        get too upset that the poster who said "Feb 14th"
        vestige, or egitsev created his handle on Jan 31st.That's
        OK, right? I usually use a different handle wherever
        I post, especailly in war zone like this seems to
        be and you know why? Because childish types like
        yourself would follow me around like a little puppy dog.
        Do your own DD, you can decide to agree or disagree
        about LPHL with me, but I will not have to read your
        childish insults wherever else I invest.

        Why is it
        so hard for you to believe that more than a few
        people know this stock is going to fall? I am not
        bromitt, and whatever other names you may think I am. Is
        every long here the same person too?

        I have done
        research before posting and like I have said for the 3rd
        time, I am not short or long in this stock. I wouldn't
        buy it now because I think it's going down before it
        can go up again. Worry about earnings that might
        destroy your portfolio that probably contains only this
        stock in it instead of who is who.

        Grow up and
        don't expect any more replies from me about who I am
        anymore. That's just moronic, discuss the issues for a
        change, are you able to do that?

        Good luck,

    • Please elaborate because my TA does not agree
      with you. Perhaps you are not taking into
      consideration the amount of shares available for trading..
      check it out and than come back and complain about

      As for earnings, again- as you blasted the posters
      for hyping this imaginery feb 14 release, you have
      done the same thing by saying that somehow you are
      privi to information about earnings being

      Longs and shorts will hype their positions till the day
      we die.. period.. we all want to make money.. in the
      end, either you or I will walk away a loser here but
      only time will tell..

      The market is very
      selective right now.. If your in the right issue you can
      make 50-100% gains a week.. but dont bother doing
      research trying to find quality because it will benefit
      you 0%..

      LPHL in my opinion is a steal at
      current levels.. If we fall back, I move elsewhere.. I
      prefer to sell short rather than go long, but even if I
      felt this was heading lower I certainly could find
      better shorts in this market that will yeild 10-20 point
      returns, rather than LPHL dropping back to 4-5, which I
      highly doubt any indicators would show as a possible

      may want to tune up your indicators..

      Long at
      11.. care to share where your shoirt position is JJ?

      • 1 Reply to popgoiuuod
      • Why is it that everyone here gets so defensive
        with just about anyone who doesn't rave about this
        stock? Are you all paid to be here or

        Where is the indicator about volume? Come on, even the
        longest long has got to see how volume is shrinking. Do
        you do any research at all? Just go and take a look
        at the profile for LPHL on Yahoo, the link is right
        on this page as you read my message.

        volume 3 month avergae 270,000 shares

        Volume on
        Friday, after their latest news release, 97,000.

        Volume on Thursday? 42,600.
        The numbers don't lie,
        do they?

        As for my speculation for earnings,
        I do expect them to be very poor, how can they not
        be? What could possibly make earnings positive? That
        is not the same thing as posting that on Feb. 14th,
        something big is going to happen, is it?When volume
        continues to shrink, that is not a good sign. Period. You
        put whatever spin you want on it, but this as a

        The market is very selective now. Yes, I agree with
        that summation, that's why when earnings come out and
        the chances are they will be bad according to what
        research I have done, the stock will probably go way down
        from current levels.

        We all have different
        indicators, and so we shall see who's correct. Time will tell
        us that, not the majority of longs who decide the
        rules for this place.

        As I stated before, I am
        on the sidelines, anything wrong with that? I also
        said that I may consider buying after the stock falls,
        but I wouldn't touch it now. Plain and simple truth,
        like it or not, I think the stock is going down a lot
        lower and I think earnings will be very bad. I don't
        have to be shorting to see it, and if I would short, I
        certainly wouldn't be posting each sale here, and neither
        will all you longs who keep defending the stock like
        insulted 12 year olds who have to cry because someone
        disagrees with them.

        Good luck.