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  • rexobXIP rexobXIP May 30, 2000 6:21 PM Flag

    Lower open...once again, bid at 2

    You know what? You made your point. You think
    this company sucks, and obviously you don't own any.
    Can we correctly assume you are shorting it? And
    therefore bashing it so you can try to make money by
    scaring others to sell?

    If you are not short,
    then maybe you got hit with a margin call and lost
    your assets. Now you want to make the rest of us
    suffer... not that this stocks performance isn't doing that

    Stop browbeating. And don't justify your aberrant
    bahavior by complaining about hypers. YOU'RE JUST DISHING

    If some poor soul lost
    millions on this, show a little compassion and go away. It
    is pathetic that you hang around gloating. You were
    right? You made a lot of money shorting? Good for you.
    But have some human decency and move on.