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  • kodels kodels Jun 13, 2000 11:49 AM Flag

    Old Con and his good news BS

    How many times do you think that stupid line is
    going to work for LPHoLe?

    Everyone can see how
    good the news must be, that's why volume is drying up,
    and the price in in a death spiral.

    2 7/8,
    great news? Like what?

    Maybe they lose only
    $2,180,000.00 last month instead of the usual 2.2 million. Or
    would that only apply to February with it's shorter

    THIS POS is getting what it's deserves. LPHoLe is
    losing money at an alarmimg rate. The good news is
    already in the price, after all they will never have
    earnings, so why is it worth anything at all? The CNN news
    is already in. The hotel news is already in. The 3rd
    world, unknown ma and pa operations are in the price

    Great news? LOLPIMP, only if any shorts are still
    riding this POS down until it's below $2.

    course all of this is my own conclusions after extensive
    DD and these are my opinions only, not to be used
    for buying (are you nuts? ) or selling (the wise move

    Enjoy your loophole.

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    • You have made your point, over and over and over
      and over and over, ad infinitum!!!!

      I have to
      assume you don't own the stock or you are shorting it.

      People have probably taken a bath on this stock and all
      you do is come around bashing. Get a life.

      are the kind of loser who probably stops to look at
      accidents and gloat over the victims.

      Maybe if you
      had a life, you wouldn't need to get your jollies at
      the expense of others misfortunes.

      It is time
      for you to learn how to behave like a human being.