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  • waylonglphl waylonglphl Jun 20, 2000 11:22 AM Flag


    Another brilliant piece of analyis!

    love every minute of cuddles analysis raves Jeffrey
    "Piece of crap" - Amazing! Where does he come
    up with this stuff?

    Roger Ebert gives Cuddles
    two big thumbs up (his ass)!
    "POS" - What
    originality! - and he is too much of a good guy to say the
    word shit!

    Leonard Maltin raves about the
    insight! "Down 70%" - How did he figure it out? He must
    have plotted the prices on a graph and used some
    complex mathematical technique he learned at

    I too would like to add my thanks Cuddles. You are
    a truly a special person.

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    • the companies strategy to increase their monthly loss over the current $2.2Million; just as they promised in their 10-K. Do I hear $2.5Mill a month?
      Pumps are getting smaller and smaller and,,

      • 1 Reply to FightingIRIS
      • According to Leisure Planet Holdings, has
        its own coffers the 2.2 million per month comes out
        of. LPHL has 38 million in the bank PLUS the 30+
        million they stand to realize from first lifestyles. is burning the money Arnault, CNN and others used
        to buy into -- not LPHL. Even so, with close
        to 75 million in the bank(almost) LPHL is in no
        danger of running out of cash for years.