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  • white_mtn_hiker white_mtn_hiker Jun 20, 2009 3:40 PM Flag

    It's the short sellers again

    We were UP all day today except for the last two minutes, when one or two short sellers entered the game bigtime and we end the day down, way down. They destroyed JST 18 months ago, in early March of this year, and they are at it again. The SEC has to do something to get the short selling schemes back to the way they were five years ago, to limit the damage!

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    • Why do you think they're playing that game with JST?

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      • Simply put, the reason that the short sellers are manipulating JST is that under present market conditions, they can. JST is a very good company, with outstanding growth prospects. The problems lie in the fact that it is a relatively unknown micro-cap Chinese company with a very small stock float, which lends itself to illiquidity and very low trading volumes. The 100 share short selling manipulators constantly try to drive the stock down, and in the process, they often scare some of the “weak hands” into panic selling of larger blocks of stock. For example, a market order sale of 1000 shares of JST can easily drop the stock by a whole point. The manipulators then cover their shorts, carefully manipulating the stock price so it does not appreciate rapidly. This process bears no resemblance to classical short selling raids by hedge funds, as the overall short interest remains very low. If you are a long term investor, don’t worry, as these short term manipulations will not effect the anticipated long term ascending envelope of the stock price, which is based upon outstanding company fundamentals. SDS

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