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  • chowder13037 chowder13037 Sep 30, 2010 11:38 AM Flag

    Whats really going on with JST

    I found this article when I Googled China Power distribution and transmission it explains why the price of your stock is cut in half

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    • parts:

      JST's move to wind energy involves the electronics to which the windmills are attached, but apparently does not involve the windmills themselves.

    • partsper1000000 Nov 11, 2010 1:25 AM Flag

      Is jinpan going to manufactor windenergy machines and charge rates, or are they going to sell wind machines at the wholesale level?

    • partsper1000000 Nov 11, 2010 1:20 AM Flag

      Looks like jinpan is morphing into a utility company.

    • JST is just now moving into production in its new, huge wind energy electronics plant in Shanghai. This morning, the International Energy Agency announced that Chinese demand for energy will rise over 75% over the next 25 years. It would appear that JST is making the correct move at a very opportune time.

    • When will earning kill stock again

    • Chowder why do u keep showing same article we know u r short

    • Just another Chinese growth story that went bad !

      They are littering the boards these days with medicore executives that let the newsletters pump these stocks so everyoen and there brothers buy in driving the prices sky high only to find there is nothing to the stocks but air.

      They perform for a few quarter and then these CEOs show their lack of business acumen for the long haul!


    • Author got it wrong. It's about an inventory glut caused by global slowdown. To reduce inventory, manufacturers are marking prices down, putting the merchandise on special sale.

      When inventories are reduced, prices will jump back up.

      It's called the business cycle.

      Have to wonder about the author with his mercantilist, nationalist slant.

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      • Thanks but it will wind up

      • China is state run, and they protect their industries, that they have the ability to compete in.

        "It is implicitly understood that the National Development and Reform Commission allots the production and development of UHV equipment to domestic companies alone. Foreign manufacturers are only allowed to provide selected key technology."

        Even if margins are cut, the huge smart grid build out that will occur, will increase revenue and profit. China is a low end manufacturer. Cast resin performers are ingenious, and an improvement, but technologically, they are low end, and a product that China certainly can compete in, even export.

    • Free trades brings the fair prices. It works for foreign companies but it never worked for Chinese companies. The foreign products always carry premium. The premium often are in the ranges of 20-80% higher for being foreign brand. Japanese and Germany alway sell their products at much higher premium. Most foreign owned companies operated in China will pay the premium just to stay away from Chinese products for better quality / service or whatever the intangible reasons. But that is not necessarily the case all the time. In other words, Chinese has learned to improve the quality and service. But just can't penetrate the foreign owned enterprises (FOE) operated in China. In fact, lots of foreign companies will buy Chinese products and repackaging them to sell under their own product name then sell back to China or outside world with huge margin. Its end results are better than manufacture their own. A famous German chemical company is known to buy Chinese chemicals and repackage them under its own name to rake in 200-300% profit. This is not fabricated fiction, I actually was aware of the deal. This is the first time I saw that foreign companies actually come to China and under sell the domestic companies. What that say is that there is no demand outside China and FOE has to lower the margin to gain market share in the only available market in China. It will kill Chinese company just as it said in the article that Chinese has the R/D to recover. Very intriguing to say the least. Chinese domestic needs will eventually get good quality products with decent or fair prices instead of being screwed over for years when choose to use foreign products in China. It is guaranteed that Chinese will buy foreign product instead of domestic product if the price is same or slight different. Chinese is not like Japanese or Korean they have no royalty to their country except for looking for good bargain price or best deal. Japanese and Korean on the other hands will buy domestic products even if they are craps and price are ridiculously high. It is funny to say that but it is all truth from my experience. What happen now is good for Chinese infrastructure needs, but Chinese company like JST will be doomed. JST will have to lower its price to be less than foreign products or sell at loss to win back the market share. By the way, it is not uncommon that Chinese will sell at loss to win the market shares or to drive the competitor to shut down to win big later. I am glad that I got out JST albeit at some loss.

    • Your article describes entirely different transformers that jst sells
      a little knowledge is dangerous

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